Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas - Chapter 4

Saturday a.m. --

My brother, Scott, was able to baptize his son, Evan, on Saturday. We were pleased our travel plans synched up well with this event. Evan seemed quite comfortable and serious about his choice to be baptized.

Prior to this trip, Bridgette had yet to meet Uncle Scott, Aunt Julianne or her Hoose cousins. I'm afraid my camera was set on the "night" setting when this photo was taken, so it's a bit blurry. There's really not much to say about it but, "There we are!"

When Bridgette was newly born and placed, bloody and covered in vernix, on my tummy, I remember thinking, "Who are you?" She didn't look like me or Jeff. It took a minute to place it, but Jeff and I both felt she looked almost identical to Scott's daughter, Emma, when Emma was a baby. And they both look a lot like Gramma Hoose. So here they are, all together.

Bridgette is already looking more dissimilar now that she's *gasp* almost a year old. We've heard all kinds of reviews and predictions about who she looks most like now. But with the mix of so many genes, we're pleased as punch to see how much she looks exactly like herself.

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