Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas - Chapter 6

Saturday night we went to dinner and a movie. It was Bridgette's first movie (UP 3D) and she didn't make it. About half-way through I took her out to the hall where she cried and thrashed about like a mad-woman until she finally clunked out in my lap... 2 minutes before the movie ended. Poor baby.

I really should have taken her back to the hotel after dinner, but I was hopeful she would fall asleep in the theater. I should have known better. And now I do.

Here are all our "hanging out" photos from Saturday and Sunday...

I can't remember when this photo was taken, but isn't she funny? She loves this soft fuzzy blanket, and when we give it to her at night she chews or kisses it until she falls asleep.

Aunt Julianne and Cousin Emma

Bridgette finds the noise-making little button.

When Bridgette arrived at her house Sunday afternoon, Emma suggested that, "Maybe Bridgette might like a friend." Although Bridgette isn't very interactive, it was fun to see them playing "together."

Umm... hard to say what we were doing... but it involved the computer. Maybe looking at photos or at Scott's illustrator project. We played old Atari games later. I lost them all. Even Maze Craze which was my favorite game as a kid. Either I was better at it then, or Scott spent months practicing so he could beat me now.

Emma and Evan played Atari Combat when we were done. Awesome. Passing the pixels to the next generation.

Yep. That's me. And baby. I like her.

As I said, she learned to like water on this trip. And thank goodness. With her Hirschsprung's we have to watch for dehydration, and I think she was feeling the heat.

Yay! Evan's birthday!

Happy 8th birthday decadent chocolate pie.

And this was just cute. Bridgette liked Julianne. She's good with kids.

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Jacqueline Miller said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about your bag misadventures - but glad that you didn't have any plane diasters (though the plane experience doesn't sound like it was especially pleasant afterall). Glad you had a great trip! Just enough time to settle in before your next big adventure.