Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's Tests

Once again, we wish to thank so many of you for your interest in Bridgette's condition. Since we don't know what's wrong, the docs and nurses want to rule in or out a variety of illnesses and troubles. So, Bridgette has undergone a slew of tests today, some of which we have seen the results and others for which we are waiting.

Abdominal x-ray (KUB): no obvious bulges, loops, blockages, or strictures. This is a good thing.

Chest x-ray: to rule out pneumonia because she continues to run a fever. No results yet, but doubtful. Her oxygen is superb (canula came out last night), her lungs sound clear, and when they suctioned her nose for another test, she was clean.

PICC line insertion: for TPN and lipids. Baby hasn't eaten since last Sunday. We weren't worried about nutrition because we thought she was headed toward real food today. But with this step-backward, she needs to get some nutrition and fats as well as extra I.V. fluids. Her other meds can be given faster now, and blood draws will be easy. (Past draws have been nightmarish.) I was able to talk the PICC doctor into finding her vein with an ultrasound instead of flourescents since I have an issue with contrast dyes. Fortunately, it worked out just fine, and he was able to find a good vein with the ultrasound. The end of her PICC line is in her right atrium.

Urinalysis (soaked cotton balls): to test for glucose and bacteria. No results yet.

Urine culture (from catheter): to test for specific bacteria. No results yet.

Stool culture (from bag attached to her bum): to test for C-diff. No results yet.

Viral Resiratory Panel (from nasal suction): to test for flu and other respiratory viruses. Results pending.

Basic Metabolic Profile: blood test, especially for electrolytes. Results pending.

Complete Blood Count: white and red cell count, hemoglobin, neutrophils, and hematocrit. Results pending.

She also has continuous stomach pumping, lots of meds, and vitals every hour. She still has an I.V. and an I.J. (intra-jugular, in her neck), but we'll probably pull the I.V. now that she has a PICC line. I would prefer to pull the I.J. because she finds it so uncomfortable, but the I.V. has collapsed, so it's the obvious choice.

One good sign is that despite the output from her tummy, it has started rumbling and grumbling with fervor. You can hear it from across the room. That is a sign that her intestines may be waking up.


Paul said...

So glad to hear that some of their tests have been non-intrusive. Wish they all could be!! Also glad to hear her body is hungry - hopefully the beginning of a full and quick recovery! We love you guys! Hang tough. We'll take good care of Chewey and Piper!


Chelsea said...

Sigh. I'm fantasizing about celebrating Bab's good health soon. What kind of yummy, egg- and dairy-free treat would she like?

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you and your sweet baby. Good news on the rumbling sounds.

Pam Wood, Angela Hanke's Mom

Angela said...

praying she feels better soon. Hope these test come back with answers. Praying for a soft tummy and bowl sounds!
Praying for you and Jeff for rest, peace and understanding, and comfort.

HeatherH said...

I so hope things look up and she gets to eat soon! Give her lots of hugs and kisses for us!!