Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Much Pain - Day 3

Yesterday, when she first woke up, Bridgette made a noise she's never uttered before. It was about the saddest sound I've ever heard in my life. I can only describe it as a cross between the mewling of a kitten and the bleating of a goat -- a soft, hoarse, keening cry. Now, almost 20 hours later, she's stirring every 5 to 15 minutes, fluttering her eyes and whimpering. There's not much we can do to help. I just try to gentle her back to sleep with a smile, a soft voice and her Dr. Seuss lovie.

We decided to get a hotel room for a week in Salt Lake City, so we could take turns getting some rest away from the hospital. It's located just a few miles down the road. After 48 hours, it was my turn to sleep, and I appreciate that Jeff stayed with Bridgette overnight in the hospital. Apparently her pain became very hard to manage between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m., so he really took a hit. She's on a morphine drip now.

Here you can see a little more of Bridgette's incision sites. She's been running a low-grade fever since sometime in the night, but that's not too unusual after a major surgery. She's receiving antibiotics to stave off infection, and she has two small shunts at her wound sites to allow drainage of anything unclean.

We have so many reasons to be grateful that I wanted to share a few blessings we've experienced as well. First, we are very lucky to live so close to Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC). It serves children's specialty cases from all over Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and other surrounding states. It's only a 40 minute drive from our house. That's less time than some people's daily commute.

Second, PCMC is a great hospital that takes good care of both patients and parents. We are grateful to have a private room and to have the "Rainbow Cafe" downstairs with tasty food, healthy options, and low-costs. They even have a "hospitality cart" that comes around each morning for mommies and daddies who can't (or choose not to) leave their children's rooms for meals. It doesn't have healthy options, but it does have free food! After a long night, it's super to get a little refreshment.

Third, of course we are grateful for Bri's splendid surgery team. Dr. Black has over 30 years of experience with bowel surgeries, and he has really shown a lot of concern for Bridgette as an individual, despite his busy schedule. He takes the time to offer information and answer questions, and he's not condescending at all. As we were waiting for Bridgette to exit surgery yesterday, Jeff told me he's glad that Dr. Black takes his job seriously but also acts like her case is routine. I was grateful both he and Bri's anesthesiologist came out to talk to us personally both before and after the surgery. And Dr. Black even draws us pictures!

Fourth, we are so, so grateful for Jeff's good job and for our health benefits, without which we would not be able to pay for this surgery and Bridgette's medical supplies. I am also grateful that Jeff has been able to take time off to help. Not all daddies have that option.

Fifth, and certainly not last, but the last about which I will write now, we are really grateful for all the help we've been offered this week. My mom had been traveling for 1 1/2 months just prior to Bridgette's surgery, and I know she's tired, but she still flew back up to help us. We have several neighborhood children and family members who are helping take care of our two dogs (who I miss very much!) and our house while we are away. We have had offers for meals and visits (which we will accept at some point!) and we have had lots and lots of friends and family leaving us wonderful messages here on the blog, on Facebook, and by phone and text. Bridgette even got a new book from one of our neighbors the morning she came to the hospital. Thanks so much for your friendship, love, and constant prayers.


Tammy and Alvin said...

You guys are such wonderful parents. Hang in there!

Angela said...

Count your blessings! Bridgette is lucky to have you as parents. Still praying for her to come out of the pain and get a smile back on her face.

Chelsea said...

Sweet Kel (and Jeff and Bridgette), consider yourself warmly and lengthily hugged. My mommy sense hurts to hear of your little one hurting, so a-hugging I will go.

jolea said...

So glad you keep everyone posted on little Bridgette. It makes me feel so bad when I know a little one is in pain, but hopefully she recover and be feeling better soon. You are so inspiring in writing all of the things you are thankful for while going through something so hard. Love ya--jolea

Jacqueline Miller said...

It's so hard to see them in pain. Hopefully the worst is over. Max responded really well to the IV IBproffen stuff, which is what he went to after the morphine. Once they moved him to that, he was like his old self again (and minus the bag!).

Hoping for better news on the pain front soon. And after that - poop!!

Mary Liechty said...

I'm sorry that you have to see your baby in so much pain. It's hard for me to look at those pictures so I can't imagine what you guys are going through. I hope she recovers fast and is back to her normal, cute, happy, self soon.

Your family is in our prayers and thoughts all the time. We love you guys. If you need anything, please don't hestitate to call me. We'd love to bring dinner when you get home.