Monday, August 3, 2009

A Patriotic Bum

If you randomly Googled "American homelessness" or "old-fashioned apple-pie beggar," you'll be disappointed to find out we're talking about a whole different brand of bum. The posterior type.

At the park down the street tonight for a Lindon Days concert of zippy, toe-tapping Nova Scotian music: Kirkmount

Bridgette went back to the doctor today. It all started on Saturday when we ventured out for the first time since the hospital. Bridgette's cousin, Dustin, had a birthday, and we attended the party. While riding in the car with us, cousin Tyler said, "Bridgette looks like she has something green on her tongue."

Jeff had just fed her a little grilled zucchini, so I figured she had some of it stuck on her tongue. When I checked though, there was a yellowish / greenish shadow near the back of her tongue. Later that night, as I was explaining baby's rash problems, Aunt Kelly asked if Bridgette might have a yeast infection. I didn't know. On Sunday I searched Google images for yeast infections. Not pretty. And also troublingly familiar looking.

Today at noon Bridgette went to visit her pediatrician (but saw her nurse practitioner instead because Dr. Savage had to run to the hospital to deliver a baby.) Ends up baby has yeast everywhere! Talk about feeling like a bad mommy. Having never seen diaper rash before, and knowing that hers was supposed to be miserable, I didn't realize it was compounded. And yes, thrush in her mouth too. So she is on three new meds: yet another bum cream, a systemic anti-fungal, and a swish for her mouth. I am so, so grateful that both Kelly and Tyler brought up the infection.

In the meantime, we are still trying to get baby to eat... anything. At breakfast I offered her a blueberry and found immediate success! I know they are high fiber (an issue in her shortened intestines), but I let her eat about 10 before putting the kibosh on her feast.

Too late.

Within 15 minutes I found a truly astonishing sight in her diaper. Red, white, and blue stripes! The blueberries might have been an inky purplish going down, but they were blue as blue on the other side. Just to the right and left were two stripes of bloody skin and to each outer side was the white Desitin that never seems to come off, even in the tub. That's our all-American girl!

Daddy with Bridgette and Uncle Jeremy, Jeff's twin. They work at the same company, and Jeremy often drives Jeff to and from work. (Thanks, Jer!) Photo taken this afternoon when Jer dropped JJ off.

This is a Grandma / Aunt / tight-friend video for sure. Quite long. Not much happening. Watch at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Oh my!! Oh my!!!

I am glad you got assistance noticing the infection, and I am glad you got her to a doctor. Did the nurse practitioner give you any indication as to why Bridgette has such an extensive yeast infection? Is it something you can expect to happen again in the future (a common occurrence with chronic diarrhea), or an oddity due to other influences (like lots of antibiotics in the hospital)?

So, my hope is that the yeast infection is part of the reason she hasn't wanted to eat, and now that she is getting the yeast infection treated, her appetite will increase. Oh, there has to be sooooooo much of which you are having to be aware. Vigilance will out!!

Well, Bridgette definitely has the strength to creep and crawl, but she sure doesn't like it, does she? It's interesting that she didn't seem to realize that she could easily remedy the situation. And then, once she did get herself over onto her back, it didn't take long at all before she was her usual happy self. Thanks for the video.

Hope ALL improves soon.

Love you,

Tammy and Alvin said...

I watched the video just to make sure I was in the "tight friend" category! Love you! Sorry to hear about the yeast/thrush. What a mess. I've heard that yogurt is a good thing to eat when you have a yeast infection, but I'm sure the doctors told you everything you need to know. Hope things improve soon!

Angela said...

Oh my! (that's the first thing I said when I read your post, so I copied your Mom. :-)
well you certainly are a busy woman these days.
And look at Bridgette on all fours! She really didn't like it, she likes laying on her back doesn't she? She's so cute and looks really good.
Hope you get it all figured out soon.
I was told that you can put yogurt directly on her bum to help with the rash down there. Also feeding her yogurt is a great way to help on the inside. But seriously plain yogurt on her bum, it really works! Oatmeal baths! Aveeno has a baby bath (I saw it at CVS) and there is the adult version as well. Love to all!

Kel said...

Mom -- It is assumed the yeast infection occurred because of the heavy courses of antibiotics pumped through her at the hospital. She may have come home with it already on the up and up.

Tammy and Alvin -- Sadly, baby is allergic to dairy, so no yogurt. But we have been breaking open a straight capsule of acidophilus daily and putting it in her formula. Apparently, probiotics are best at preventing yeast infections and don't work quite as effectively to control them.

Angela -- While at the hospital, I had heard about using yogurt directly on the bum. Of course, now that we have a prescription strength anti-fungal cream, we're choosing that over yogurt. Thanks to you though, we are using the Aveeno oatmeal bath! We have also tried chamomile tea in the water, but both times we've done so, she has in turn accidentally made the water... inhospitable?... and we've had to drain it and start over! We'll try again, I'm sure. In addition, we're attempting to give her a little more air time, as difficult as that is. Maybe the combination of all plus the meds will clear it up! :)

kelgrandy said...

Oh my laws. Poor girl. What a story to tell and hopefully laugh about when the misery is all gone. What a time she's had. She'll probably be happier than you guys when she's all healed up and better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear all the troubling news. Glad to see the video but of course I especially enjoyed the very end when baby was happy again. Looks like she'll get the idea on crawling any day now.


Joy said...

Not too fun! Haley had yeast infections like that for the first 8 months it was not fun at all!

Jacqueline Miller said...

My Curly has trouble with yeast infections too. You may want to try over-the-counter clotrimazole. Find it by the athlete's foot cream. For us, that's worked even better than the prescription stuff. Hopefully it clears up fast!

Chelsea said...

Don't feel bad--Sophie also had a yeast-infected diaper rash at about that age. For a regular old diaper rash (should you be privileged to have something so bland) you can't beat a blow dryer set on cool air. How that will help in your situation, I don't know.

Lisa Merkley said...

Oh goodness. :(

I don't have any advice. I don't want to tell you my sad stories of bum rashes because yours is much worse. And I don't have any experience with baby yeast infection.

So, basically, I'll just say that it breaks my heart that you guys all have to deal with this. I'm sure as her mommy it's just about all you can do not to cry every time she needs a diaper change and she cries in pain. I'm sure that given you are doing EVERYTHING in your power help remedy the situation and I sure hope and pray that things change for you. And quickly.

Good luck and never underestimate the power of faith and the priesthood!

Love you,

April said...

Oh, I hope the infection clears up soon! Hope all is going well!!!

Smith Family said...

Hi, Kelly! It is so good to hear about you and your sweet family! Wow! You and your little one have been through a lot! I'm so glad to get back in touch! It was fun to see other Hinckley Hall Honies on your Facebook! Guess what! Sister Hahn was in the ward we just moved from here in Mesa. Fun, huh? I'll send you my new address. We just bought a house a few weeks ago!

Tiffany W. said...

I was disappointed that you didn't post a picture of the red, white and blue poop... you had me very curious! :)