Saturday, September 26, 2009

These Are Cute Though

The first video is totally worth it. Enjoy!

The second one shows some of her week one mobility progress.

The third and fourth videos are for the grandmas in our lives.

Video 1 -- 10 seconds: Flibbertygibbet

Video 2 -- 1 minute: First ever solo move from knees to bum. Caught on film!

Video 3 -- 2 min, 30 sec: Knees to bum, again! (And trying to hold mid-line for dear life.)

Video 4 -- 1 min, 20 sec: Just for fun...


Anonymous said...

They ARE cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Are these videos the results of a NEW CAMERA?

Love you,

kelgrandy said...

Ah! Look at all the progress she's making. So great. And for sure cute.


Angela said...

Those are so cute! She is so cute! I watched them all.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Your Bri reminds me of my Bri. Cute and chunky :). About the only way I can see her teeth is to turn her upside down like your last video.

The pouty face is about the same too. They sure know how to make you feel bad for them. Those little faces really work.