Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 months today!

Here is baby. We think she's cute. She has had good news this week.

Also, my dear mum & pop bought me a new camera for graduation. It's just arrived, and I'm only starting to get used to it. Someday soon I will read the directions. In the meantime, I took a bunch of photos of babs yesterday and Tuesday.

Title: Pumpkin Pie Face, For Real

Title: This is my brother. He's living with us for a while.

Title: Meet Dr. Black, Bridgette's surgeon.

(He says Bridgette's surgery sites look GREAT, and unless we experience problems or have questions, he never has to see Bridgette again.)

Title: I'm telling Dad the good news.
We talked for 2 whole minutes!

Title: Mom and baby went to lunch together to celebrate!

Bri couldn't eat anything on the menu but fries and spaghetti, and she didn't really dig the spaghetti.
(As an aside, it didn't really dig her either.)

She also visited her pediatrician this week, and she is lighter now at 15 months than she was at 12 months. She lost a few pounds at the hospital, and I guess she hasn't eaten enough fries yet to put the weight back on.

Her stats, once again, have shifted somewhat dramatically:
weight 30%, height 70%, and head circumference 50%.

Title: You know that scene in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring when Bilbo tries to steal the ring back from Frodo and he makes that crazy face that makes everyone in the theater jump?

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Title: This is Jeff.

He's a good husband. And he's pretty much a genious. He decided to make iPhone games, and we're about to release the first one: Deflect It. He bought a book and learned how to program in Mac language then made the whole game in only a couple of weeks.

Title: What a fuzzy, cuddly giant spider. I love it so much... Awww...

Title: Bridgette's new favorite position.

Title: We like each other.

Title: If I don't dump her back, she dumps herself back.
All baby-Bridgette-holders beware.

Title: Bath before bedtime.

We have also completed the last step for Bridgette to enter official therapy. Her PT will come twice a month, her OT once a month, and on Wednesdays, she will attend a mobility class with a lot of other kids who don't move. Say it with me... oh, the irony.


Angela said...

Love the new camera! More pictures!!!! It looks like Bri is looking more like her Mama! I can really see it with the pictures of you and her together.
Love the idea of iPhone games, wish I had an iPhone. Good luck with you new adventure.
Oh, I am also so glad Bridgette doesn't have to see Dr. B anymore. Her face is pretty funny in that picture too. Isabella cries when she sees Dr. chaet and his nurse.

Jacqueline Miller said...

Woo-hoo! I'm glad she's healed so well and that she doesn't need to see the surgeon again. Great pics! (Curley also loves to flip himself upside down just like Bri is doing here.)

Tiffany W. said...

Bridgette is such a doll! Love those eyes!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Wow, Bri has some amazing blue eyes. They're just gorgeous.You're definitely enjoying your new camera. Sweet!

Smith Family said...

Good news for you guys! Yay! What great pictures! I especially love the first upside down picture! That's awesome about your husband making the iphone game! And so quickly! I hope it makes you guys tons of money!

Heidi said...

What a fun blog entry! I can't wait to see the rest of your Halloween stuff, too. :)

Aria said...

Hooray for fifteen months! I love the pictures--especially the Bilbo face. That is pretty spot on. I'm so glad that Bridgette is doing so well. It must be a great relief to you and Jeff.

What a great idea to make IPhone games! I am sure it will be a success. If I had an IPhone I'd support the IPhone games!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for good news, and lots of pictures!

I like the little hairclip in Bridgette's hair. Does she leave it in?


Anonymous said...

More good news is that Great Grandma Hoose is feeling better and she agreed with me that these photos are cute! Also, she enjoyed your letter, Kelly, and the get-well artwork that Bridgette made for her.

Love, Lynn

Chelsea said...

I want to be a Baby Bridgette holder!