Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of dogs and babies

I was joking with Bridgette's occupational therapist today that my dog and Bridgette are about the same intelligence level. It really was a joke, but you've also got to remember that Chewy is a Border Collie, and he's spankin' brilliant.

It became much funnier to me when the OT explained that to try to get Bridgette to chew, I was supposed to put a special rubber toy in her mouth and play "tug."

A few minutes later, Bridgette was playing with the light switches, "on," "off," "on..."

"What the...?"

Yes, my Border Collie decided to take the next hit, and using the switches across the room, jumped up and turned the light "off" then "on."

What awesome kids I have.

Here are a bunch of photos:

Bri with her favorite toy.

Two babies on my lap, B. and Piper.

Talking to Gramma. Babe likes the phone muy mucho.

Yes, folks! We have some kneeling!

And plenty of play-time.

And some Halloween parties - pics from the first of five.
p.s. - Jeff's having hand-surgery tomorrow.
Full anesthesia! Wish him well.

Seth, a young man down the street who is very nice and likes Bridgette mucho tambien.


Angela said...

Praying for Jeff.
Really don't like the spider. Oh gross, but hey if she likes it...
She is kneeling that's great! Baby steps.

JulieAnn said...

The spider is scary. Seriously... I'm glad she likes it though :)

Chelsea said...

Jeff, why are you having surgery? Recover quickly and well. You guys have seen enough hospitals for this decade.

Can I come play with your babies? Especially the non-furry one? So cute.

And I owe you a phone call. Now I feel lame. Dang.