Monday, November 16, 2009


Bridgette sat up by herself twice this week! She was on her tummy, and she pushed herself backwards, then sideways, then up onto her bum! Such a small move, but I can't tell you how excited I was to witness it. These little advances mean so much to me.

And speaking of advances, our girl has joined us at the table. No more highchair at home, just a booster seat!

Of course, she doesn't always eat at the table. Sometimes she puts Cheerios into my boots and then eats out of my shoes. Mmm...

Fun with Kleenex boxes...

Talking to Gram on the phone.

Lots of car seat time, so we can't leave this out. Here, she is pointing and happy to see Daddy. (It's getting dark very early 'round these parts. And still a month to go before the shortest day of the year.)

Our first snow of the season that really stuck. I took this photo of "Bridgette looking at the snow" which, when examined, was really of "Bridgette watching a monster fly."

Dress made my Gramma Hoose. Very cute. It matches the safari blanket in her room and is large enough for her to grow into a bit.

On Friday, we went to the Nickelcade for the first time since Jeff and I were dating. Bridgette got to ride the merry-go-round and the boat. Mostly we played skeeball, basketball, football, shooter and driving games until somebody swiped my nickels. Here we are showing off our prizes. 166 tickets "bought" us a tiny stuffed turtle and some vampire teeth.

And here is Daddy - because he's so cute.

And Piper - because she's so cute.

And Chewy - because he's so cute.


HeatherH said...

Oh, what a big girl! Love to meet her one day!

Angela said...

yay for Bridgette sitting up!!!! How is she doing with chewing?

Anonymous said...

Hip-hip-hooray! Progress is so much sweeter when anxiously awaited.

I am glad that the dress fits her. I am a little surprised that it still has room for her to grow, but pleased that she will get some use of it.

We love you guys!

Janel said...

quite the accomplishments for Baby B. She is so adorable. She is growing so fast...I can hardly see the baby in her anymore.