Friday, December 4, 2009

Spending Time With Baby Bridgette

Kelly is out of town for Grandma Hoose's funeral, so I have had the chance to spend a lot of time with our special girl Bridgette. Mark and Kelly were nice to babysit yesterday, but other then that it's just been me and her (and the dogs) for the past three days. I have enjoyed helping her scoot on her bum and pop bubbles on the iPhone. Bridgette is a very determined little girl and very smart. She has already figured out how to play "Hang Deer", one of the games from our newest iPhone release "Reindeer Fun & Games". Poor baby does have a runny nose, but this is only the second cold she has had since birth 17 months ago, so we are thankful.

Bridgette has been working on pulling herself up to boxes and couches to get things (mostly technology). She is making good progress, and with some gentle coaxing and nudging, she can kneel and sometimes even stand up!


Heidi said...

Sorry my babysitting Bridgette for today fell through. Jeremy is one sick fellow. :(

Paul said...

She's daddy's little girl - just give her a computer already :)

Auntie Brenda

Chelsea said...

Yippee! I love to hear how well your darling is doing.

Anonymous said...

It is great news to hear of Baby B's progress. Thanks for posting this update, Jeff.

With love from,

Kelly said...

What a good daddy!

Kel said...

Yes, I agree with Kelly. What a gooooooood Daddy. Bridgette loves her da da da da.