Friday, December 18, 2009

The X-Ray Queens

With Bridgette's motor skills delays, we requested that her pediatrician order x-rays of her lower extremities, so we could check for hip dysplasia, knee problems, and extra bones in her feet (which runs in Jeff's family). We've had the order for about a month but never took her to get them.

Then Wednesday baby flipped off her changing table and landed face-down on the floor with one leg pinned under her. She seemed ok, but woke up inconsolable in the middle of the night. Thursday morning, we opted to cash in on her x-ray order and add broken femur to the list of potential maladies.

We headed back down to the hospital in Provo, this time to radiology. Bridgette did ok until I laid her on the table. Then my mostly easy-going child (though increasingly whiny as she gets older) began to scream. And thrash. And thrash. And scream.

I don't know whether or not she was remembering past trips to the hospital, but she definitely does not like to be messed with. We weren't hurting her (no UVs, IVs, IJs, or PICCs; no incisions, stitches, tubes, or cuffs), but she required definite manhandling.

I'm sure my fingers were in all of the x-rays because I had to lay my body over hers and then use my hands (and all the strength in my arms) to pin her leg/foot in whatever position the tech required.

Although mere hours before I had had visions of a fractured bones dancing in my head, by the end of the (long) session, I was fairly certain that wasn't the case. If my tibia was broken, there is no way I could wrench it around under the weight of my own mother.

Bridgette is no stranger to x-rays. She had her first at two-days-old and has had a whole slew since then. It got me to thinking about my first x-ray foray at 4-months-old and how I've continued to require them almost annually for one reason or another for close to 30 years. Thus the title of this post.

I'm sure we could do worse. I'm grateful x-rays exist. But for now, just call us the X-Ray Queens! Perhaps one day this radioactive legacy will halt.

For your information: Bridgette's x-rays all came back normal. Huzzah!

Umm... I haven't taken any pictures lately, so here are the Thanksgiving photos that got skipped in the midst of The Great Calendar Coup (in which the entire Johnson household was violently overthrown by a piece of paper containing too many events).

Thanksgiving Morning - Turkey Day 5k
Joy, Jennifer, Kelly, Lisa

Dearest Grandma Johnson with
Unhappy Baby Bridgette

Bridgette's first Thanksgiving feast!
Strawberries, plain potatoes, and plain sweet potatoes.
She really just wanted to be held* all day.


Now, that's a cute little profile.

Bridgette's new bestest friend**,
who's name I do not know how to spell.
But it sounds like Meehei. (Sorry Meehei! sp?)

She can't walk, folks, but she does have talents.


*Held only by me.
**Until Meehei came along!


Heidi said...

I'm glad the x-rays ended up being fine, even if you had to fight to get them. Hopefully that will be enough x-rays for both of you for a while. :)

Chelsea said...

PLEASE tell me she wore ballet clothes on Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

Wow! So it has been and exciting week everywhere!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Your xray experience sounds like me trying to get Mo his flu shot. Another experience that makes me glad I'm not a nurse! Glad they turned out well and hope there aren't any more xrays in your near future!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Wow, that's a lot of x-rays. I'm glad she's okay and I just laughed when I thought about a wiggly little girl squirming under her mom. Kids are so strong. I keep telling Matt I want to be finished having kids by the time I'm 35 b/c they're so strong and I'm on the opposite side and getting old. :)

Aria said...

I'm so glad her x-rays came out fine! I LOVE the profile picture you snapped of her! You should frame that!

Anonymous said...

I am happy that all is well with her bones and sorry that it took such great effort to discover that all is well.

We should all be grateful for our talents, whatever they may be.

Love you,

Angela said...

I'm glad her x-rays came back normal. She looks so cute in her outfit. merry Christmas!

Lisa Merkley said...

Yay for clean x-rays. That's one I haven't encountered yet with my kids, but when I do, I'll come back to this page for advice on how to do it. :)