Friday, January 8, 2010

18 months today!

It was going to be a really great celebratory kind of day.

Plans for today used to include a quick health assessment at Jeff's workplace in the morning, then lunch together as a family, the petting zoo this afternoon (because she loves animals), dinner at Thanksgiving Point with 1 1/2 candles, and of course, lots of adorable pictures in her super-cute new outfit bought just for that purpose.

Alas, alack.

A few minutes after Bridgette was dressed this morning, she vomited all over her new outfit. It's in the hamper. No pictures.

We went to the health assessment with Bridgette wrapped in a towel. As mentioned on Facebook, "effluence" is the word of the day, from both ends. And all over her. And the towel. And me. And Jeff. I almost vomited at the same time as her from the retching noises and the smell and site of both my legs covered in diarrhea. (Although in good news, the assessment showed that Jeff and I are both quite healthy.)

Fortunately, Bri fell asleep on the way home, so she is in her crib while I clean up and do lots of stinky laundry and make this little update.

I'm hopeful this will pass quickly. We're guessing it was something she ate last night. She has a very limited diet for just this reason, and yesterday we let her try a few new things for dinner. Silly us. If it's more serious than that, we'll be taking her to PCMC this weekend.

Happy half-birthday, Sweetheart!


Tiffany W. said...

So sad! I hope Bridgette feels better soon... and that you were able to get cleaned up! :) Sick babies are the saddest. :(

Lisa Merkley said...

Oh poor Bri! Good luck getting it all cleaned up.

Smith Family said...

I'm so sorry! Hopefully she's ok and your night gets better!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Ugh. Not a fun half-birthday. Poor little girl. And poor mom and dad. Hope she gets better soon. Always scary when they have tummy bugs.

Lore said...

So sorry to hear it.

Love to all of you.

Tammy and Alvin said...

Note to self: Don't celebrate half-birthdays!

I hope things resolve quickly and your laundry loads lighten. Love you!