Saturday, January 2, 2010

5 Generation Photo, et al.

Clockwise from top left: Bridgette ClaraLynn, her mother Kelly Elizabeth, her mother Lauryl Beth, her mother Elizabeth Joan, and her mother Audrey Thelma. Cool, no?

*Please note the lovely coordinating cornucopia accessories, all salvaged and expertly reworked from a set of matching mu mus we wore for a 4-gen photo taken several years ago.

Bridgette is particular about people right now, and for reasons unknown, she only likes 1/5 of us. Sadly, Nana was not included on her list, so this is the best photo I got of them together.

Now, for the rest of the Christmas blog?

Here is the trouble. How do you make one spirited, non-boring entry that sufficiently documents a family reunion in happenin' Amish country that includes 5 generations and both sides of the family who traveled from Texas, Ohio, Utah, and Canada?

You don't. But since I'm never short on effort, here goes! (I will write a separate entry on Amish/Mennonite country later.)

1) This is one group shot with our freshly hewn Christmas spruce. Apparently people do this when they live in forested lands.

2) Here is another group of us visiting Nana at the nursing home on Christmas Day.

3) Here is a third group of us on our last day at Fields of Home. See. I'm keeping it short.

4) I put this one in because Bridgette's blond curls were so messily scrumptious.

5) I rarely include unclad baby photos, but here is documentation of her surgery scars. They have healed up nicely.

6) Ask anyone. This is "The Look" we all received for most of the week.

7) Christmas morning, entering toyland with Papa.

8) Can't blame her for "The Look" in this one. Still, definitely one of our loves.

9) Check out those beautiful blue blue eyes.

10) "The Look" explained. Bridgette actually spent the entire trip very sick. A lot of severe diarrhea, no appetite, and one day of vomiting.

We almost took her to the emergency room the last night of our trip. We have almost taken her since we've come home too because we don't know if it's enterocolitis, a very serious problem with Hirschsprung kids.

We did take her to the pediatrician and discovered Bridgette has an ear-infection she hasn't complained about a bit. It's always a toss-up with her. We're watching things closely.

11) Considering her sad health, we got a lot more good photos than I expected. This one is in my VERY favorites: Bridgette and cousin Kathryn.

12) Not bad, eh? I pared hundreds of photos down to those 13.

Now, in case you felt gypped, fear not. I have also included a timeline of photos in rapid order. Since 12 & 13 are the theme of the hour, I made this video with some snazzy music called "One Dozen Monkeys," courtesy of Scott & Julianne and They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 123's.

I wish I could label a handful of photos which truly deserve it, but each photo only lasts for 1 second, so it would be nearly impossible to read anyway. As such, here's a little game I'm making up right now.

See if you can find:
- Julianne, the origami queen.
- Bridgette's favorite homemade decoration on the Christmas tree.
- The telepathy blocker. It's scientific.
- The murderer.
- A tractor pulled caboose.
- Emma & Bridgette still looking very similar, though not mostly-identical like at birth.
- Bridgette's revenge on Grampa's tickling foot.
- The missing piece to one of our puzzles.
- Grampa Kenny's war medals and WWII money.

** requests for enlargements on any video photos will be accepted by way of blog comment.


Angela said...

I love love loe the pictures of Bri with 'the look' what personality!
Looks like your Christmas was filled with lots of joy! Happy New Year! (or as my husband would say happy arbitrary demarcation of time)

123 checkoutourfamily said...

How cool that you have a 5 generation picture. wow!

Love all the pics and I'm impressed. i just don't narrow down so well. I love Bri's "face" and her cute hair. It's getting long.

Lisa Merkley said...

It's kinda fun to see pics of your family since I probably won't see much of them any more. :(

Tammy and Alvin said...

So sorry that Bri was sick. That can definitely put a damper on traveling, meeting new people, and having fun. I love the picture in the slide show where it looks like she is trying to stab a troll doll with her fork! Those dolls have always freaked me out a little and I think they definitely deserve a good forking. :)

kelgrandy said...

I alsolutely love the picture of Bridgette in the little Santa dress. What a look! It took me a few seconds to find her scars I wouldn't have even noticed them if you hadn't said anything. My lack of observance must come from being married to a man whose entire chest is covered in scars- I guess I just don't notice things like that. I hope Bridgette is feeling better. The poor girls- her whole life seems to be battling one thing after another. She's quite the trooper.

Lore said...

I love the post Kelly and look forward to the next.

I think I'll try my new Google account identity here. Don't be surprised if I no longer appear "anonymous."

Love you,

Lore said...

I would like a copy of the photo of Craig and me in the sink.

Lore said...

And grandma would love to have several copies of the 5 generations to pass out to others and to show to friends.

Chelsea said...

I love "The Look". I can't wait to play with Bridgette and get a Look of my own. I'm under no delusions that she'll actually like me.