Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dog! Dog! (Daw! Daw!)

We went to Office Depot today. Bridgette and I were looking at greeting cards and found one with a chihuahua cut-out. Despite the fact that it was bearing its teeth in the photo, Bridgette said, "wooh, wooh!" then put the card to her face and licked it, bottom to top. We... um... put it back for someone else to buy.

Bridgette's speech is currently monosyllabic gutteral noise.

For example:

1) She knows "ball" -- bah.
2) She knows "blue ball" -- buh bah.
3) She knows "balloon" -- baah.
4) She knows "stuck" -- tuk
5) She knows "bird" -- duk (all birds are currently ducks).
6) She knows "quack" -- "?" (I don't know how to write that; she really does sound like a duck).
7) She knows "mom" -- ma (which also means hold me now, whoever you are).
8) She knows "dad" -- da.
9) And she knows "dog" -- daw daw (always twice).

She says four words that don't fit the cut-out and actually use long-vowels:

1) She knows "poop" -- poooo-poooo (very musical - like a train).
2) She knows "woof" -- wooh wooh (always twice; sounds a lot like a dog actually).
2) She knows "ice" -- "ice" (comes out equally often as i-sh or ass).
3) And she knows "no" -- "no" or "oh no!"

Of course, she's understanding a great deal more than she's saying, and I'm sure she's on the verge of spouting lots more words. Scratch that. She's been unpredictable before. But I think it's likely. Language is coming.


Lore said...

Some of this she may have inherited from you also. While your word usage was very consistent, you generally needed a translator before anyone other than Dad or me could understand what you had said.

I am glad of the progress she is making, both movement and language. I believe everyone will be happier as frustration decreases and independence grows. Hooray, hooray!

Love you,

Lisa Merkley said...

I love it when they start talking! Suddenly their world opens up to you. Enjoy the new adventure!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Isn't it cute to hear their little voices? Max is big on grunting and pointing, but in the past day he's started saying "Mine" (usually fighting with his brother over a toy) and "Why" as in Super Why, his favorite show on PBS.