Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fascinating Food

Since babs' recent recovery from enterocolitis, we've noticed that good digestion days are really good. We're letting her eat more and more dairy with increasing success... we think.

She's still having intestinal trouble off and on, but it's hard to trace. Dairy used to be an obvious culprit, making her really, really sick exactly three hours after ingestion. She'd then spend the next two hours violently ridding her body of the dairy and everything else she had eaten and drunk that day. Expulsion was followed-up by the deep sleep of the ill. That doesn't happen anymore, so her random, episodic digestion issues are difficult to peg.

So for the time being, and until we can prove it's a health hazard, she enjoys gorging on yogurt, cheese, and ice-cream. (Though perhaps I should clarify that her version of "gorging" is, at most, 2 ounces of yogurt.)

She's also enjoying eating other foods made with smaller amounts of dairy... like, practically everything you can think of because almost all food has milk in the batter or butter in the dough or whey in the ingredient list or cheese powder in the flavoring, etc. Right now, battered chicken fingers have a major Bri-endorsed thumbs-up.

With the addition of these foods, comes a lot of textural experimentation. Finger painting, painting with other food or utensils, table licking, and general squishing to virtual non-existence (especially cheese) are at the top of the list.

I came around the kitchen corner early this week to find Uncle Jon feeding Bridgette a snack.

I wouldn't let her escape until I got a close-up of her cute yogurt face. She didn't seem to mind too much.

But the food escapades don't stop with dairy.

Today we spent the morning running errands as a family. We stopped for lunch at Rumbi Grill, and Bridgette excitedly bit into some small cubed chicken pieces, then choked.

Choking is still intermittently problematic. Though I think I've figured out why? (She may have inherited it from me. I've recently noticed I don't chew my food either. I pop it in my mouth and swallow. More or less.)

The problem is that when Bridgette chokes, she really chokes, and it scares her. After the chicken was swept from the back of her throat, a trick I've learned to do efficiently, she wouldn't eat anything else. We tempted her with chicken, rice, veggies, ice, teriyaki sauce, and fries.

And what do you think won the day? A lemon.

But not just sucking on a lemon. She ate the whole lemon wedge, rind and all. Mmm...


Lore said...

Apparently, turnabout is fair play.... We have video of you feeding Uncle Jon yogurt when you were both quite small, and what a mess was made. Yummmmmmm.


Lore said...

P.S. I wonder what she finds so appealing about lemons?

Chelsea said...

Your daughter is even cuter in person than in photos! I just adore her strong-willed self. For what it's worth, Max seems to have no interest whatsoever in language. He just muscles his way through to what he wants, including--but not limited to--pushing me towards the desired object.

Kel said...

I remember that video of me feeding Jon. I'm pretty sure I ate as much of the yogurt as he did, and we were both a mess.

I still feed Bridgette that way, sharing half her tasty morsels. It doesn't bother me to wipe yogurt off her chin with my finger and pop in my own mouth. Jeff does the same.

Jacqueline Miller said...

My friend's son loves lemons and limes - he eats about one a day. And there's a great side bonus - he hardly ever gets sick. Perhaps due to the Vitamin C boost? So definitely go with it.

Ann-Marie said...

How funny! A lemon of all things!What a cutie!