Saturday, January 9, 2010

Headed Back to PCMC

Baby and I are leaving now. Just thought we'd let you know. Jeff will update when there's more news.

Bridgette has been vomiting the past two days and has had little appetite the past several months and absolutely no appetite the past two days. She is running a fever of 102.4 and has been extremely lethargic. Will post more once Kelly arrives at the hospital.

Baby was very dehydrated and has had two rounds of IV fluids. That has really helped her perk up. They are testing for a urinary tract infection now.

Baby is being admitted, she just threw up some dark yucky stuff. Check back tomorrow morning for updates.


Lore said...

So sorry to hear it. Please keep us updated. Phone calls would even be appreciated if you have the time.

Our best to you.


Tammy and Alvin said...

We're praying for you all!

Casey Brianne said...

Hey Kelly & Jeff, this is casey from the good ol' days at Backstage ... I will keep your sweet little one in my prayers. She's the cutest little peanut!

Angela said...

praying for y'all, hope Bri feels better soon!