Thursday, January 14, 2010

When It Rains... Tee hee hee!

... it pours! Snark, giggle, giggle.

Our basement just flooded.

No, I'm not kidding.

But hey! If I wasn't concentrating on preserving Bridgette's precious life, I'd probably be whining about it. As it is, we consider this a somewhat minor inconvenience. I actually laughed when I saw the mess. But VERY glad we were home when it happened. We caught it fast and turned off the water to the whole house.

Luckily, not too much was ruined (though a great deal is soaked through) and nothing too personal or family heirloomish was included in the soppage.

And on the super-positive side, we just re-organized the basement in record time!

As long as we have water before Bridgette's next irrigation is due, we should get off just fine. An emergency plumber is here now charging us many buckeroos because we can't fix it ourselves. The whole house is starting to smell very damp. No need to buy that humidifier now!

Here are the promised X-Ray images:

1) This is Bridgette at 3 days old before her emergency Ileostomy. I share it by way of reference. You can see her distended colon and other instestines. Poor little baby. Even in shadow, it's pretty obvious how big her belly had grown.

2) Here we are almost exactly 18 months later with a bout of enterocolitis. Although the image above is sharper, I think the total bowel distention is still pretty clear. Of course, her colon & part of her Ileum has been removed, so all you're viewing here is the remaining Ileum & Jejunum.

All of that blackish open-looking area is bowel distention.

3) Last, this is the same abdomen shot taken just one day later after a few rectal irrigations and a few doses of antibiotics. You can see that the terminal Ileus is not as distended, but her upper bowel is still pretty large.

We did not get a third X-ray on the afternoon of the 12th. I requested one so I could view the progress, but the surgeon on duty felt it was unecessary. All signs indicated progress, and as he said, "Every X-ray is more radiation exposure." It's true. And she's had a lot of X-rays. Still, given the somewhat touch and go feeling I'm having at home, I sort of wish I'd insisted.

Baby's fever was up a bit tonight, appetite down, bowel a little fuller, etc... just like last night but not quite as bad. What I'm hoping is that she progressively gets worse over the length of each day, just like you or I might respond to a head-cold, and then she wakes up rejuvenated in the morning. With much luck, we will see the ups & downs steady into good health over time.


Lore said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my!

I can't think of much else to say, but, "Oh my!"

I hope tomorrow is better than today, and that each day is progressively better than the last.



Ann-Marie said...

Those x-rays are amazing and telling (with help from your commentaries). Sweet Bridgette! I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to give her a big squeeze right now! We'll let you and Jeff take care of it, though (and maybe in the form of something other than a squeeze :) ) I'm sending lots of love your way... You and Jeff are such wonderful parents. I know you'll keep knowing what to do every step of the way. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for Bridgette and that you all can at least get windows of sleep.

Lots of love!

Tammy and Alvin said...

You are definitely making the rest of us feel like we live on easy street! We love you and wish we could be there to help in some way.

Heidi said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! It's a good thing your basement isn't finished, then--a LITTLE less to have to worry about. :P

Kelly said...

Hmmmm......What is going on with the Johnson Family???? Quick let's go back to our maiden names!! (just kidding) We are just trying to find humor in this entire week. We luv you guys and pray for your everyday!

Chelsea said...

Oh Kel, you know I'm just a phone call away, right?

Janel said...

I know what you mean. Things can quickly change for a child with HD even after surgeries are all done. Hugs irrigations are no fun at all for all involved. Tyler had to go that route immediately after his colostomy closure which is why he is where he is today with the cecostomy. I do hope she is over this real soon.

Just an FYI a doctor once shared with me you get more radiation exposure at an airport and on a plane than you do from an xray.

Oh and about Tyler's pinewood derby car- he designed it & Dad helped carve it out :)

HeatherH said...

My dears - we love you and B so much! I don't know how you do it. I finally got caught up - haven't been on the internet since Christmas, I think. My love and prayers go out to you. I hope Bridgette continues to get better!

Anonymous said...

My son also has hirschprungs, and had a foot of his large intestine removed, and his entire colon. He's 3 years old now, and doing very well!!! He cannot have any dairy, but that's okay. We found that he can tolerate goats milk products!!!! YAY!