Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Days

Bridgette's intestinal quandry hasn't totally cleared up, but her range of motion is increasing, if not by leaps and bounds, then at least by crawls and stands.

We always put Bridgette to bed in only a diaper because she wakes up covered in poop every morning and every afternoon after her nap. This allows us the opportunity to pick several outfits a day. Here is a picture of Bridgette's attire as chosen completely by herself for the first time.

And here we are back at motor class. I can't remember why I chose this photo. I think because she's cute. That would be just like me. But since it's included, I'll point out the "oooh" you can practically hear. Only hear it like this, "ooo-OOO-ooo," as in The Sound of Discovery. That is one of her two favorite things to say now (the other being far less cute and sounding like "ow").

This is Bridgette sharing corn with one of her fellow students. She spent much of her time here carefully placing corn down in the crack between the inner and outer sturdy corn boxes. I don't think it will ever come out.

And we end with a section dubbed "fun with eyewear."

Bridgette has therapy 3 to 4 times a week now. Two visits at home plus two classes at Kids On The Move. She has joined a music class as well as the motor class. She had her first music class last week (her second tomorrow), and it was amusing. She spent most of her time bee-lining for the open door. The only thing that truly held her attention were the drums. And as soon as they broke out the drums (and these were big suckers... the real deal) I assure you Bridgette held everyone else's attention. I couldn't stop laughing. What a character.

Here are 5 of the best videos ever -- only because they show Bridgette in motion and that is so exciting for me. The first is of one of her favorite toys at motor class.

The second is of her crawling with her friend Travis. The video starts with her in a straight-leg position. It appears she may be trying to push herself into standing at random. Her physical therapist guesses Bridgette will start walking in 6 months.

In the video you can see a baby walker in the background. Bridgette has been given her own walker that we keep here at home. She has yet to agree with the walker as a whole, though she sometimes slithers under it on her belly.

The third video is a gem. For the first time ever, Bridgette pushed herself into standing (minutes before this video). So I caught the second ever solo-stand. It looks such a little thing, but ... well, you can hear my voice in the video. It was really exciting. You can see her occupational therapist, Mark, in the background.

And these last two are for Grandma Hoose (et al) - Bridgette opening, talking to, kissing, walking, hugging, and biting your Valentine gift. I didn't get it recorded, but she carried it around in her mouth while crawling. Like a puppy.

Finally, Bridgette getting mad at your Valentine card because she can't get it out of the envelope, followed by a swell recovery.


Lore said...


How wonderful! To paraphrase, "one small step for man, one giant leap for Bridgette!"



P.S. I love the red satin bloomers, those along with the various eyewear will beautifully accessorize absolutely any outfit.

Tammy and Alvin said...

So cute! I love the glimpses into Bridgette's personality. What fun!

kelgrandy said...

I'm such a baby. I cried and cried at the video of Bridgette standing up. Way too many memories! I'm so excited that she's up and moving. Also, the picture of Bridgette in the ball pit caught my eye- Ben LOVES the ball pit at therapy. Four therapy sessions a week? Welcome to crazy girl. We've been doing multiple sessoins a week since Ben was 3 months old (right now we do 6) and I have to tell you that there will be days that you will want to quit, where you will still mourn the loss of the dream and wish that you could spend your mornings in playgroup instead of at therapy. But it SO worth it. The progress that the kids make is reason enough to keep going. But you will also develop relationships with other moms who truly understand and that is as important to you and the progress will be to Bridgette. So on the day that you want to stay home or call it quits, DON'T.

Mary Liechty said...

I love the last video!! Bri is so cute. I especially love it when she says ooo : )

Lisa Merkley said...

Yay for Bridgette!

April said...

She is adorable! I just love her!

Jacqueline Miller said...

So glad to see she's doing well!

HeatherH said...

Sounds like she's doing much better - love the standing picture. Such a big girl!