Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Success: Categorized

First, a BIG congratulations to Jeff for successfully releasing his third iPhone/iPod game! It's a kids' application called Animal Learning and can be downloaded at our Digital Ruby site here.

What's also cool is that 80 people have already purchased it in the first 3 days on the market. That's almost the same number in 3 days as his first game, Deflect It, has sold in 3 months.

In celebration, Bridgette wore a new t-shirt.

One of Bridgette's favorite activities is playing this fishing game. For about 6 months, she has enjoyed placing each fish in its own hole as the entire pond spins around and around and around.

It's been fun to watch her dexterity advance over time. Initially, she simply placed the fish at her leisure. Then she learned to place all of them, not missing a hole. Then she learned to place them right-side up. Now, she is actually fishing them out with a pole while they move. Oh yeah, and their mouths open and close too. Crazy baby.

Now, on to the crux of the post. I have decided that my outtings with Bridgette can be categorized according to relative success.

Category 1: The Commercial

In this category, everything goes as planned. Baby and I are dressed to perfection, and we spend most of the date smiling and laughing with each other. There's no poop, no fatigue, and no mess. We spin in circles under a shady tree, yet our faces are strangely sunlit. The breeze is scented like buttermilk pancakes, and our hair blows in slow-motion. Bridgette giggles as I wipe her nose. Film us already. We're beautiful.

(Note: This has never happened. Commercials lie.)

Category 2: The Norm

You know what I'm talking about. Half the time you want people to stare and comment because your kid is doing the CUTEST thing EVER. EVER! The other half of the time? No staring or comments necessary. Oh! So you feel like commenting anyway? I see. Your kid never yells, punches, cries, or throws her food on the ground? I bet she never... ok. Bridgette you really need to stop that now.

Category 3: The "We Survived"

These are bad expeditions. The blood, sweat, and tears have no conversely cuddly, contented moments. By the time I'm pulling into the garage, my lips are pinched and my forehead wrinkled. Weary and annoyed, my tone reflects both threat and resignation. Snacks and naps, please, all around.

Category 4: The We-Forgot-Other-People-Exist

This category doesn't require much imagination. Simply picture sweatpants, mismatched socks, disheveled hair, and a willingness to ignore the fact that others do not look this way. Add to this a propensity to crawl around on the floor together, no matter what public venue we happen to visit.

I'm happy to report we've had several relatively successful outtings this week, all combination successes, Categories 2 & 4.

One was to the playground at the mall where Bridgette made friends with the little boys (or rather, the little boys seemed to like her) and got pushed over by a mean little girl. She practiced crawling up steps and going down the slide. She sat inside the dinosaur ribs and laughed as kids climbed over her and almost dropped on her head.

She was pretty cute until she started yelling angrily every time I was forced to move her: off the slide so she didn't end up with footware smashing her nose, out of the pond (enough said), away from the mean little girl, etc. However, when the tantrums were over, she very kindly washed her hands in the public bathroom and made a big, soapy mess. (Gotta love automatic soap dispensers.)

Another outting was to The Living Planet Aquarium on President's Day. She liked the trout (tried to poke their eyes through the glass) and the jellyfish, was scared of the giant ridable ceramic frog, and loved the tidepool touch tank. She never actually touched the rays, but she effectively scared them away by splashing too much.

She mostly liked the displays, but when ready to move on, never told me softly. The handy phrase, "Please move on, mom," came out as hysterical body wrenching and the word "ow! ow! ow!" repeated until everyone in earshot watched. But when we left to drive home, she pleasantly chatted and giggled in the backseat, flossing her teeth and eating my chapstick. Overall, completely The Norm.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

congrats to Jeff on the new game. How awesome. I love Bri's shirt. too cute!

Lore said...

I don't think you could have found a more appropriate T-shirt - appropriate for your entire family (with Jeff's games) but especially appropriate for Bri.

I am so excited for Bri, and you, to be able to have all of these wonderful adventures. Over time, you may actually experience a few category 1 outings, but I wouldn't count on it happening very often. In the meantime, keep enjoying those others.

Love you,

Chelsea said...

Laurel, I have never once experienced a Category 1. Of course, I also let my kid pick her own clothes . . . And I would just like to comment again on how FLEXIBLE Babs hips are. Remarkably so. (Duh. I just remarked on it, didn't I?)

Aria said...

Congratulations on the new game! That is so exciting! Bridgette's shirt is AWEsome. I loved your description of all of your outings. When we take Trotwood out, if he's dry and fed, he's normally good for about two hours. After that, he's had it and needs his nap.

theJerm said...

Woah, very cool, Jeffrey and Kelly. You guys make awesome games! I really like the picture of Bri staring at the fish tank with the giant fish swimming.

Keep up the good work and messes.