Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Before They Expire...

...my thoughts of the day.

-- I dropped a jeans size. Can't say I'm sorry for that.

This is either a result of A) having not shopped for jeans in so long that in the meantime a worldwide marketing scheme rescaled all jeans sizes to make me feel skinnier; B) the sales girls wanted me to feel good, and I'll soon be making an exchange; C) the sales girls wanted to ease me into the skinny jeans fad (heaven forbid), or; D) I've lost weight. Choice "D" is in fact accurate, but I don't think it's a jeans-size amount of weight. Thus choice E) several of the above.

-- What kid throws her chicken nuggets on the ground so she can make room for more broccoli? That's rhetorical, of course.

-- Last night was a rather sleepless one. Bridgette returned to profuse watery diarrhea yesterday morning. Every 15 minutes, a reeking watery substance soaked her diaper and immediately leaked out leg cuffs, up her back, and all over her current venue. The odor was one that I now distinctly recognize as caused by C diff overgrowth. Vomit. She didn't. But it made me want to. And no, it doesn't smell like vomit. It's much worse than that.

-- Despite the almost sleepless night, this morning I was woken early by the phone. It was a telemarketer. I was mad.

-- We had just taken Bridgette off Flagyl two days before when she flared up. I restarted doses before her afternoon nap (yesterday) and she is already much improved. Today we even went shopping (for jeans), played at a park, bought lunch, and ate broccoli. I hope we can successfully take her off antibiotics at some point.

-- My mostly sleepless night cannot be fully attributed to Bridgette's health. I'm reading a really good series right now and can barely put it down. When I do, I think about it... sleeplessly.

-- I can see why my mother said prolific reading made her a bad mom. I don't believe it, but it's certainly hard to strike a balance. Any advice from you copiously reading parents?

Here are some photos of Bri this week:

In her "Go BYU!" outfit that you can't really see, but I dressed her in the morning of BYU's first NCAA tourney game. Mostly this was to relieve my own guilt for having bracketed them to lose. Alas, they proved me wrong and my bracket pays its respects.

Bridgette says, "a BALL!" but the elation is mine. This is her new favorite ball, a VOLLEYBALL.

She wouldn't sleep without it. Her request. I promise.

One night while I was teaching my class, Daddy and Bridgette built a fort. How cute is that!

Daddy was too big to climb inside. But mommy wriggled in to play. Take a good look at Bridgette's hair because it explains the next picture.

Haircut! She wasn't very cooperative.


She was fully uncooperative. It became apparent if I didn't stop, someone might really lose an eye. I haven't snuck in at night yet to straighten her bangs while she's out, but one of these sleepless nights would be the perfect opportunity, no?


Tammy and Alvin said...

So, what's the really good series? I'm having lots of sleepless nights these days and could use a good book to blame it on instead of my sweet newborn!

Lore said...

Of course a volleyball! And if a basketball is a part of the mix, I KNOW it's genetic.

Glad to hear that the C-diff is already showing some response to the medication.

BTW - I don't think I said that prolific reading made me a bad mom, but non-stop reading DID cause me to ignore a few things that would have been better attended to. I never found balance. It finally came down to choosing the family and putting down the books. I hope you find a better solution.

Love you,

Tiffany W. said...

B has the prettiest, biggest blue eyes just like her momma!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I'm lovin' her big blue eyes too. I also like that she likes a volleyball. She definitely has great taste.

April said...

* Congrats on losing a jean size!
* Love the fort
* and YES- I'm a total reader and dream about it, too. Funny!
* Go cougs! (Sadly I picked them to win TWICE in my bracket, and picked Kansas to go all the way--- stinky.

Chelsea said...

I frequently pick reading over parenting. I've put kid-friendly snacks on the bottom shelves, they know where their toys are, and you can bet both of my kids have heard "Mommy's reading. Go do it yourself." A LOT. They don't seem any worse for wear.