Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Once again...

I had so many cute outings to post, but once again I find myself doing a quick pre-5a.m. update on Bridgette's troubles instead.

Last week: Introduced a new probiotic, VSL#3, per Bri's gastroenterologist.

Saturday: Took her off Flagyl to see if the new probiotic would help keep C-diff at bay. (Also took her to the Tracy Aviary to see her favorite animal, birds! Very fun.)

Monday morning: Noticed slight fever, more frequent stooling, poop becoming progressively thinner, some smearing suggesting lack of bowel control. Put her back on Flagyl. No appetite. Not drinking much. (Also took her to the treehouse park in the mall. She had a good time. Kid stepped on her hand and wouldn't get off. She didn't even whimper.)

Tuesday (yesterday): Increased irritability, tiny appetite, not drinking much (but still drinking). Stool not watery and less frequent, suggesting Flagyl is working. Also less urine, suggesting a dehydration problem. Eyes begin to sink.

Tuesday evening: Vomitted somewhat randomly at 8:30 p.m. during her bedtime story. Not dark green bile (good) but rather chunky: the one raspberry she ate around noon, the one pickle slice from dinner, the one cucumber slice from dinner. All pretty indigested, which is how I know. After another bath, indicated she was thirsty. Gave her a glass of "milk" (rice milk, Pedialyte, soy formula) which she downed in full.

Wednesday morning (today): 4:00 a.m., wake up to the sound of her spluttering and choking. Run to her room and sit her up to finish vomiting. (May I note here that I am blind? I am. Without contacts, I act purely my memory and sound since I can't see a bloody thing, especially in the semi-dark.) Remove her diaper in prep for a bath and find "normal" (for her) poop and possibly some urine too. Very strange. Vomit is clear to milky.

Baby's eyes are so sunken they are all but dark holes now. Definite lack of tears.

4:15 a.m., call Home Health Care and get their middle-of-the-night answering service. Request a pediatric nurse for I.V. insertion. Find out the first on-call nurse comes on-call at 5 a.m. Sad for her/him but hopeful that this will work to our benefit. Ask they call us to schedule as soon as possible.

4:30 a.m., post-bath, Bridgette signs for milk (almost unheard of ... she knows how to sign a few words but almost never proactively asks us for anything.) I make up a rice-milk / Pedialyte mixture sans formula. She drinks half a glass and goes back to bed.

5:00 a.m., I guess I'm up for the day. Here at the computer writing a blog entry, evidently, and also researching this new turn of events. (The doctors on-line tell me not to worry, with only two episodes, dehydration is unlikely.) She never fits the mold, but from what I can tell, she may just have a tummy bug or food poisoning and the C-diff potential from Monday is not a part of this? We don't know. Gadzooks. Too many variables.

Will update later.

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Lore said...

So sorry to hear it. Please keep us posted.

Love you!