Friday, March 5, 2010

So Thankful

In even better news than Jeff's awesome post last night, this morning Bridgette's blankets were soaked. Right now we'd take soaked in poo as has happened every morning of her life, but no! They were soaked in urine! Which thing has never, ever, ever occurred before! Whoop!

Granted, she hasn't peed at all since then. But we're believers.

Now would also be a good time (as if any time was a bad time -- sheesh) to share our gratitude to all of you who have sent up prayers on her behalf, written supportive notes on Facebook and blog comments here, made us surprise meals (all very tasty -- I hesitate to tell you how fast they were eaten), and expressed concern in person or over the phone.

Bridgette thanks you too.

This morning, watching the action.

Last night, being the action!
(Requires Sound)

And talk about action!
For the first time she walked without putting weight on me.
She's just using my hands for balance.
That's a huge... ahem... step!


Lisa Merkley said...

Boy. I got out of UT just before the storm!! You sure have a cute baby there, Kel.

April said...

I'm so happy things are flowing!!;) We'll keep you in our prayers!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Yay for all the progress.

Paul said...

Loved the videos!! Jeff you're so cute with her! Go Bridgette - way to take off on the run with mommy! So glad for better news today!!


Auntie Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hooray Bridgette!! How exciting!!


Lore said...

It looks and sounds as if Bridgette is as excited about walking as we are for her. What sweet giggles of delight! Go-go-go.