Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuff To Do in Utah, Near Us

Comprehensive list with links is located below blog entry:

We had a lovely shopping trip today where Bridgette picked out her own yarn for her own homemade hat. Orange. Yep, good thing she chose.

When we exited the store we heard a train. Rather, Bridgette heard a train. She has excellent ears. It's not a matter of hearing so much as distinguishing noises that, for most of us, blend into the background.

One advantage of living where we do is that our house is near train-tracks. Oh who am I kidding? In this valley we all live near train-tracks. That's what happens when there's a narrow residential strip between mountains and a lake. It's what I like to call living between a rock and a liquid place. In our city, that strip of houses is particularly narrow. So we hear lots of trains.

We also hear lots of helicopters. One of the valley's hospitals is located not far from here, on a slightly higher and wider strip of land between the mountains and lake. (Despite the proximity, I'm sorry to say they don't take our insurance.) Life-Flight crews from the hospital fly over our house at least once a day, and on days that shake a lot of lives, we may hear up to 20 flights. Actually, I hear them now, right as I type this sentence. Could be irony. Or serendipity. Or simple coincidence. It makes me sad when I hear them, but grateful we have helicopters for faster rescue.

Although Bridgette has a harder time distinguishing between un-muffled motorcycles and ridiculously overgrown trucks, she can easily distinguish the sound of helicopters from the sound of trains. Much more easily than me. For the former, she points up in the air and says, "Ooooooooooooh." For the latter, she points out our back windows and says, "Oooooooooooh." Usually it takes me a moment to catch on.

Now back to today and the orange yarn. Bridgette heard a train. Since she's never actually seen a train, I quickly stuffed the groceries in the trunk, strapped her in, and took off train chasing.

First we headed to the trainyard, thinking that we may have missed the running train, but surely we could see one close-up, just sitting there. Road closed. Stymied.

So then we drove in the opposite direction, following the tracks through the city. Fifteen minutes north and three cities later I gave up and turned around. I guess the train outpaced us. Or perhaps it just *poof* disappeared. You never know.

And what do you think happens? Only 60 seconds behind us is our train! I guess it *poof* disappeared and then *poof* reappeared. Trains are pretty magical that way.

We parked the car and stood out on the curb waving at the train. As if on cue, the conductor blew the horn and terrified Bridgette who buried her head in my shoulder. Ah well. She's likely to remember trains now.


This got me thinking though. I'm always wanting to go out and learn stuff, see stuff, do stuff. When Bri feels well, I'd like her to join me for stuffing. That's the fun part of being a mom.

So I decided to make a list of all the local wowie stuff we could do (meaning no further than 3 hours drive, though most are significantly less). Then I decided to find sites and links and post them here because that's the awesomeness of the internet. Sharing. Easy access.

Listed items range from pricey to free (in no particular order). Given our extreme weather variance some are indoor, others out, and perhaps a few are both.

I'm NOT including movie theaters, regular restaurants, shopping, bowling, small city parks, and similar common activities. No spas either. That deserves its own list. A few items are events, more than places. I will add stuff (and more stuff) to this list, probably for the rest of my life.


Hope you enjoy! If you have more ideas, please leave a comment!

Tracy Aviary

The Living Planet Aquarium

Thanksgiving Point
Museum of Life, Gardens, Petting Zoo, Glass Blowing, Events

Utah Olympic Park

Hogle Zoo

Sweet Factory Tours
Alpine, UT
The Peppermint Place: 801-756-7400
Salt Lake City, UT
Cookies & Gifts:

Indoor, Outdoor, & Film Festival

Crandall Historical Print Museum

Seven Peaks Ice Arena & Water Park

Southridge Farms

This Is The Place Heritage Park

Lagoon Amusement Park

Clark Planetarium
Shows & Exhibits

Wheeler Historic Farm

Hot Springs

Mount Timpanogos & Timp Cave

Bridal Veil Falls

Provo River Parkway
Paved Bike Trail, Canyon Parks, Marathon

Brigham Young University (General)
Science, Art, Museums, Shows, Tours, Drama, Sports

BYU Performing Arts

BYU Sports

University of Utah Sports

Monte L. Bean Museum
Taxidermy & Live Reptile Shows

Museum of Peoples and Cultures

BYU Planetarium & Observatory

Hill Aerospace Museum

Historic Union Station

Utah Shakespeare Festival - Tony Award Winning

American West Heritage Center

Kennecott Copper Mine

Springville Museum of Art

Discovery Gateway: Children's Hands-On Museum

Utah Museum of Natural History
Paleontology, Anthropology, Geology, Mineralogy

Treehouse - Step Into a Story

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Ellen Eccles Theatre
(Includes Utah Festival Opera)

Temple Square Concert Series
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra, Pipe Organ, Bells

D.R. Puppets' Theatre
Trolley Square, SLC: 801-363-1441

Kingsbury Hall Performances

Pioneer Theater Company

Red Butte Garden & Concert Series

Soldier Hollow

International Sheepdog Championship
(Our favorite event of the year!)

Bonneville Salt Flats

Antelope Island State Park

Utah State Parks
(All the Others)

Timpanogos Story Telling Festival

National Parks & Trails in Utah

Golden Spike

Heber Valley Railroad
(ie: Heber Creeper & Events)

Dinosaur Park

Park City
Hot Air Ballooning & Tons of Other Stuff

SCERA Center for the Arts
Outdoor & Indoor Theater, Events, Workshops


MLS - Salt Lake REAL


MiLB Baseball
Orem Owlz:
Ogden Raptors
Salt Lake Bees:


Corn Mazes - Autumn (Home of Leroy, the really big pig)

International Peace Gardens

Raging Waters

Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort

McCurdy Doll Museum (4,000+)
Provo: 801-377-9935
Admission: $2 Adult, $1 Child


Utah Trails Resort (Indian Village)
TiPi or Hogan Camping, Entertainment, Crafts, Horseback Riding, Petroglyph Classes

Off-Broadway, Dance Companies, Musicians, etc.

City Celebrations
Salt Lake City:
Pleasant Grove: Strawberry Days
Lindon: Lindon Days
American Fork: Steel Days

Bounce-House/Trampoline Playgrounds

Open Tumbling Gym

Public Libraries

University Libraries

Ropes Course & Canoe Rental

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Historic Temple Square, Salt Lake City


Roller/In-line Skating

Archery Range
(Beware, fellow vegetarians, deer heads on the walls!)


Now as far as Bridgette goes, she's obviously feeling better or I wouldn't have taken the time to make this entry. Her bowels are actually more regular than we have ever seen them, and she's had more wet diapers in the last week than at any other time in her life. It's kind of weird. Finally! A weird that's good! A weird that's normal!

At 20 months old, Bri is officially half my height. However, she is still less than average in weight. Last week we took her to all her specialists at both medical centers to figure out why she got so sick and what we should do in the future. And none of them agree with each other. Bridgette's case is so unique, we are all guessing.

Bri also had a routine "Kids On The Move" developmental assessment, and as a result we have decided to add visits from a third therapist. She will now have 3-5 therapy sessions a week, starting... we don't know. Soon.


Lore said...

I am so glad that Bri is feeling so much better. I do hope that one day all of you can find answers that make life a little easier.

Bri sure seems to be enjoying her new doll in that first picture. I thought that maybe the post title was refering to the things that Bri likes "to do" in the house. So sorry that the train whistle frightened her. I hope she still likes trains for a long time.

That is quite a long list of things "to do." Whereas, out here, we have to drive much longer than three hours to find that much "to do."

Love you,

Marcene Perry said...

Hey when you visit Southridge farms, you can visit me too! I'm not that far off the beaten path :)

123 checkoutourfamily said...

check you out with your fun lists. Wanna make one for Houston?hahaha

Alyse said...

You should go to SubZero Ice Cream and they make whatever ice cream flavor you want and freeze it with liquid nitrogen.