Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!!! Yogurt!!!

Here be some updates on our messy faced cute babby:

- She is standing more easily, but still isn’t able to every time she tries.
- She has transitioned from standing to sitting a couple of times but usually needs help.
- She cruised three small steps today for the first time, holding onto our exercise bike.
- Horseback riding yesterday went o.k., but not quite as well as last week. She rode Max, the Shetland, and he was very bumpy. She didn’t cry, but she kept signing that she was finished.
- Motor class today went very well as long as no one touched her or tried to make her do anything. She did all the motions for all the songs and cooperated very well when it was time to put the props away. She threw rice from the “sandbox” everywhere, but she didn’t hit anyone with her fists. In the ball-room she spent the whole time crawling back and forth through a red 15 foot-long tube. For snacks she had one bite of zucchini before signing she was finished.
- She knows the difference between her right and left hand.
- Baby and daddy like to wrestle and Bridgette's patent move is the head smash which gives daddy a big ouch and causes Bridgette to laugh histerically.
- Kelly finished grading her finals after an all nighter! No more teaching until Fall.
- Kelly is organizing a new disaster drill involving 400 people.
- Jeff ate some pizza tonight.

Did we mention that Bridgette likes yogurt?


Lore said...

Good job, Jeff - thanks for the post. I love the photo of the messy faced babby.

I love you guys.

April said...

YUM Yogurt is my favorite! Loved reading about your family happenings!

Jacqueline Miller said...

And those wonderful active cultures in the yogurt too. What a cutie!

kelgrandy said...

Don't you love the sign for all done? We get it a lot from Ben. Good job getting all your grading done. Enjoy your summer off- you certainly deserve a vacation :) I think Ben and Brigette need to meet sometime- they have so much in common. One of the few (and I mean few) foods Ben will/can eat is yogurt!