Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Number Two

I made a video highlighting the best moments of the last two weeks...

Our thanks to They Might Be Giants for their hit song "Number Two." The video covered Easter, neighborhood shindigs, Uncle Paul's birthday party, dinner out, the duck pond, etc. All the fun stuff.

If you're zealous, you can even expand the screen. The pictures get blurry, but they are bigger.

Bridgette was not feeling well in a few of the pics, but it's pretty hard to tell. She has, in fact, felt fairly well (we think) for almost 7 days straight... a record this year. We intend to keep her on antibiotics (Flagyl) full-time and hope that it keeps intestinal baddies at bay. She is off of the Amoxicillin though, for the time being.

So speaking of the number two, this small child finally let me put her hair in pigtails! Cute, no?

Oh wait. Just kidding. She would only let me put half her hair in a pigtail. No number two here! She went out with the neighbor kids and played with them for hours, with her hair just like this.

These are the neighbor girls who played with Bridgette for hours. Yippee! You may have noticed them in the video, but also, they are featured in their very own video at the bottom of this post.

They were helpful on so many fronts. Not only did they keep Bri entertained, but one of them in particular helped Bridgette go up steps. She started by teaching her a basic lesson about knee bending.

How considerate and helpful!

And now, Bri's first introduction to the world of girldom -- dollhouses, tea sets, hairdryers, and yes... Barbie.


Heidi said...

Cute pigtail! I love the picture of the four girls (Bridgette, Lili, Sammy, and Ellie) crawling in a line! They really do have fun together. :)

Tammy and Alvin said...

sand in the eyes--ouch!
dirty bum crawling -- adorable
socks and sandals -- funny
four doting neighborhood girls to entertain baby -- jealous

Maybe I have a dirty mind, but with "the number two" title I kept waiting for a poop picture.

Love ya!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

what great videos! I love her sharing a drink with you!

Tammy and Alvin said...

Very well done. Good music, super-cute pictures, and the timing of the music and pictures takes it to another level. Love it.


April said...

Oh so cute!!!

Kel said...

I should note that the photo in the video where she is standing up in her crib was the first (and so far only) time that she has ever pulled herself to standing. She was jabbering post-nap so I went in to get her. She usually jabbers on her back, bum, or knees, but for once she was standing! I gave her her milk to keep her upright while I ran for the camera. Still hasn't pulled to stand elsewhere. Has never cruised, but takes a few steps holding onto our fingers... when SHE feels like it. Which is rarely. And for short periods of time. A few steps only. Still, it's progress!

@Tammy: LOL! Of all people, I should have recognized the potential "number two" connection. But it didn't even cross my mind!