Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tracy Aviary Expedition

Our friends Rob & JulieAnn will be happy to know that Bridgette's new favorite animals are birds. On Saturday we packed up and took babs and cousin Ellie to the Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park in SLC. Here are a few photos from our fun morning:

1) Ellie and Bridgette get along nicely. They laugh and scream together. And scream together. And scream together. They had a good time, even on the car ride.

2) Aunt Heidi let us borrow her new double stroller. At the beginning of the excursion, I thought, "I could do this. Two might be ok." By the end, I wasn't so sure.

3) Here are the girls getting their first glimpse of a pond full of ducks, geese, and pelicans.

4) The stroller didn't last long. Soon the girls were begging (or screaming and crying in Bridgette's case) to get out. I got to hold onto the girls while Jeff pushed the diaper bag and camera around.

I'm sorry to say that about the time we passed the giant vulture Uncle Jeff told Ellie the birds were going to eat her. She wanted to hold my hand after that and didn't want to approach the cages without a lot of coaxing. Bad Jeff.

5) Whereas, Bridgette wanted to get down and crawl around, but there was bird poop everywhere. It was hard to convince her to be held, her solution being to try to throw herself out of my arms.

6) We took lots of bird pictures, but of course I prefer the ones of people. Except this one. These are the Laughing Kookaburra, chuckling over a fresh kill.

7) In the "Argentina" enclosure. Bridgette spied parrots on the ceiling.

8) Still in Argentina. There were birds running loose on the ground behind the fence, and they were tempting enough that Bridgette tried to walk to them.

9) More duck pond. The ducks were such a hit that I'm sure we could have taken her to the very free duck pond with as much or more success than the aviary.

10) These ducks had to be captured to get some medicine. Bridgette laughed hysterically watching the 4 workers tromp around in the pond, swinging their nets as the birds flapped and squawked to get away (which they did successfully, again and again). It was comical, but especially to an almost 2-year-old. Here she is examining one of the captured birds.

11) The peacocks were roaming freely on the other side of this hill. The girls were more than pleasantly surprised to find them after daddy / Uncle Jeff assisted them to the top.

12) Inside the "Wetlands" enclosure, about the time we decided to go home. When I re-picked her up, Bridgette started pulling her knees up to her chest and screaming, indicating tummy pain. Looking back, I think that's when she first noticed the start of bacterial overgrowth.

13) Bye-bye birdies. (Note the girls' pink noses - despite the blue sky, it was the chilly break between Spring snowstorms.) Jeff was cold too. Carrying Bridgette in one arm for over an hour kept me warm enough.

14) Ellie got a kids meal on the way home, but this little one was plum tuckered.


Heidi said...

Fun pictures!

We should go and feed the ducks sometime, I bet the girls would love that!

Tammy and Alvin said...

I love you hair, Kel. You look great! Bri is cute too with those bangs. :)

Lore said...

Here's hoping that this fun post means things with Bri are going better. Did she get her assessment today?

I, too, want to mention how good you are looking, Kelly. So thin in your skinny jeans. And, yes, you have always had such beautiful hair.

Love you.