Saturday, May 1, 2010

26 Wheels, 3 Monster Treads

Thursday afternoon the dogs started barking like maniacs, so I looked out the window to find THIS parked in front of our house.

In case you're confused, it's a 26 wheel truck with a 3 tread Roadtec-2 "It's Millin' Time" machine on top. I didn't remember asking for one, but what more could a girl want? After all, Mother's Day is coming up.

Taking pictures seemed to make the vested-man nervous, so I made small talk.

"Hi," I began. "Any idea why you're unloading this in front of my house?"

"We're ripping up this road tomorrow morning. I'm not sure why."

I love answers like that.


Heidi said...

HeLlO! You'd think the city (or whoever is tearing up the road) would have notified you so you at least wouldn't park your car on the street, or plan a play-date there (hehe). Hopefully it doesn't make too much raucous.

Heidi said...

Oh, but hey, maybe you'll get a new road for Mother's Day. :D

Lore said...

I think that maybe I want one of those, too. But then, where would I put it?