Sunday, May 9, 2010

For Our Mommies

For Mary Jane -- A Few Memories

- I remember my mom getting up very early in the morning to make us oatmeal, eggs and other nice breakfasts. She rarely missed a morning!
- Mom loved to re-arrange her furniture and office, it was fun helping her move things around.
- Mom was very good at ping pong, I remember playing on the dinner table one Halloween.
- Mom never yelled at us and was very patient.
- Mom was very smart and got a good education, including a master's degree.
- I remember the day-care with Blake and Bo and Andrew.
- I remember raiding the snacks that were supposed to be for the day care. :)
- Mom was very supportive of all her kids' activities.
- Mom loved to stay and chat with people after church.
- What a good mom!

Love, Jeff

For Lauryl -- On the Power of Her Example

My parents were a classic case of two young kids who
dated in high school and got married right after.

They had a baby while they were still really young.
Like 19 years old, young.

After completing one year at Cleveland State University my mom dropped out to take care of her baby (my older brother) and to work as a waitress. She sacrificed her education so my dad could finish college.

After he graduated my dad landed a job that moved them away from all their family in Ohio to a small town in West Texas. That’s where I was born. Two years later so was my younger brother.

But there’s really more to the story. All throughout my life, my mom took classes at our community college. They didn’t offer her desired degree, so she took classes for fun.

On any given day I might have come home from school to hear her say, “Kel, I think I want to play the harp,” so she’d enroll in harp lessons. Or, “I’ve decided to learn Spanish,” so she’d take a couple of Spanish classes.

In 2002, my mom visited with a counselor at the college about yet another class she was interested in taking. The counselor pulled up her transcript and said, “Did you know you can graduate this year? With honors?”

Here are all the classes she took a little at a time over the years, 1978 - 2002: beginning & advanced belly dancing, drawing I, architectural drawing I & II, engineering drafting, computer graphics I & II, Spanish I & II, band (11 semesters), chorale (2 semesters), college algebra, woodwind instruction I & II, wind ensemble I & II, woodwind ensemble (4 semesters), chamber singers, voice instruction (4 semesters).

That doesn’t count the classes she took at Cleveland State University (Chorale, analytic geometry & calculus, biology, genetics, sociology, western civilization, chemistry I & II, evolution of man & culture, religion – Paul the Apostle, English, and psychology) or Odessa College or continuing education.

One month after I walked across the stage to receive my diploma so did my mom. With honors.

I returned to school full-time 5 years later to pursue a graduate degree. The choice wasn’t too hard to make because of my mom. She’s an example of active lifelong learning, adventure seeking, and community involvement. I definitely attribute my mom with a never-too-late attitude.

My mom’s love of learning continues today. I hope Bridgette is excited to try new things too as she grows up, just like her grandma. I really believe that I wouldn't have cared so much about education without my mom's example.

So this summer? I’ll be taking my own continuing education classes -- fencing lessons and learning to fly planes.

Thanks, Mom, and happy mother’s day.
Love, Kel


Smith Family said...

That was beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes! What incredible moms you have! They sure raised incredible kids!

Lore said...

Thanks, Kelly. I too am tearing up, but then what's unusual about that? However, this post does explain your questions in yesterday's phone conversation. Aren't you glad I share so readily without questioning why?

I love you, and thanks again for the lovely post.

Angela said...

Awe, what a great Mother's Day post. Happy Mother's Day!

Heidi said...

I loved this post.

Jacqueline Miller said...

What a great idea for a mother's day post (I'm going to have to file that away for next year...) - Happy mother's day to you, too!!