Saturday, May 1, 2010

Motion Pictures

Funny thing about your baby learning to walk when she's almost two years old -- those doorknobs are reachable the first week she learns to stand up on her own.


Tammy and Alvin said...

Absolutely Darling!

Two questions--
How long did the bow stay in?
Did an employee walk by and tell you that it's really not safe for your cute daughter to be standing up in the back of the cart? (I've had that happen!)

Alvin thinks it really funny that you have 10 pics from the grocery store and not a single one from the Ren. Faire (yes, I abb. that so I wouldn't have to think about how to spell it!)

Kel said...

Question 1 - A: She left the bow in until we got in the car to go home. Sometimes if I distract her RIGHT after I place it, she forgets it's there.

Question 2 - A: Haha! No, no one told me she couldn't stand in the cart. However, I was thinking about it the whole time. You know, the first week she's pulling up regularly she tips out of the cart and breaks her skull and never wants to stand again. I only let her stand while I was photographing and vigilent. Otherwise she had to sit. But it was so cute to see her "cruise" around the cart by herself. She was very friendly too, waving and saying hi to everyone in sight. Uncharacteristic for her and quite lovely. She made many friends of various ages, including a young girl named Ellie who shared with us several items from her cart.

To Alvin: I didn't take my camera to the Ren Faire on purpose. Some events should just be enjoyed, sans camera.

Lore said...

She's a "motion picture" star - just look at her in those shades! Waving, conversing, and cruising - she knows how to gain a fan club.