Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby's Un-Health

We were most grateful that Gram & Grampa Hoose were able to see Bridgette healthy for the first time ever on their visit over Memorial Day Week & End. Their timing couldn't have been more perfect.

A few days later (namely... today, Friday) she contracted a virus that has sent her temperature skyrocketing and her digestive system shutting down and backing up.

Poor baby.

After completing my advanced degree, I now feel qualified in saying she's exhibiting general malaise. I would never have said that two years ago because I didn't know what it meant, far too French.

We took her to the doctor this evening (thank you new extended hours) and couldn't pinpoint any symptoms besides the fever.

There was the possible ear infection from last week that we did not treat with Amoxicillin, hoping it would go away on its own. There was a possible UTI since she cries every time she urinates over the last two days, only that might also be from bad diaper rash that is getting burned by the urine. There was even the chance of problems from cavaties that I think I can spot in several teeth but can't get her to open wide enough to be sure (she doesn't like for people to mess about in her mouth -- and if you're surprised she could have cavaties already, consider she has had most of her teeth since 6 months old and has lived off of sugary Pedialyte and Rice Dream instead of real milk). But none of those seemed like the real answer.

They did a strep test that came back negative. They asked about diarrhea which for us is not a true indicator since she always has diarrhea. They asked about vomiting. She hadn't.

Wait. Scratch that. Come back. Change your notes.

Bridgette and I both came home from the doctor's office covered in and wreaking of vomit. Blech.

Still, we're pretty sure she has the same thing a cousin of hers had earlier this week, and her cousin showed no other symptoms besides a really high fever, just like Bridgette. We are hopeful that Bridgette's vomiting is a direct result of Hirschsprung -- as has happened in the past -- and will clear up along with the virus in two days. If not, I have a Xithromax prescription I can fill at my leisure to fight any lurking anythings that might be troubling her body.

In fact, the PA working with us this evening said, "Some moms who come in here, I think 'ehhhh' and I wouldn't give them the option of choosing a treatment several days later, but with you, I feel more like a consultant. You could pretty much ask me for anything because it's obvious how well you know your child."

Bridgette has pooped, so we are not doing rectal irrigations yet. Eating and drinking were almost non-existent today, but she did have some straight Pedialyte before bed that we hope she keeps down. We've put her home health care ped-nurse on alert in case we need to administer IV fluids at home tomorrow. Of course, we are doing everything we can to keep her out of the hospital.

So much for our weekend fun... we were planning to attend "Dog Days" at Thanksgiving Point, featuring matches in flyball, agility, splash, and frisbee competitions. Bridgette would have loved it. But perhaps they'll be back next year.


Lore said...

I am so sorry to hear it. Poor little girl. I am very glad that you have the medical expertise available, either your own or that of the "professionals." I hope Bridgette is feeling well soon. I am glad that we got to see her happy and having fun.

April said...

Aw, so sorry she's feeling icky. Hope she gets feeling better soon! What a wonderful mother you are!

Holly said...

Not that it really matters at this point, but we went to Dog Days and were really disappointed. My girls LOVE dogs, so I thought it would be perfect-not really. You honestly didn't miss anything. Just thought that might make your weekend a tiny bit less disappointing.