Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Spree, Entry #2 - Why, Walk, Snow

Congratulations to Mom for making it through her first procedure in good form. By the time she wakes up coherently, this blog should be ready for viewing.

Let's go back to May, in which month several fine items of business were skipped.

First, I participated in yet another county-wide emergency drill, this time involving a simulated terrorist attack of a biological agent released in a packed stadium. We had over 20 agencies involved and 7 different venues. It was a hoopla kind of day.

I don't actually have any photos of the exercise yet (hope to get them soon), but I do have three photos from Aunt Heidi, who was kind enough to watch Bri all day long while I traipsed around the county evaluating the hospital decontamination response.

First, Bridgette's cousin, Ellie, allowed B to wear her Super Why costume. I'm still not clear whether Bridgette requested to wear it or whether Ellie dressed her in it of her own accord. Still, it's pretty darn cute, and I understand she kept it on for quite a while.

Next, here's a photo of Bridgette and Ellie watching Word World.

Yep, those would be colander hats.

The next section is dedicated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Jeff and I were lucky to spend a day doing the Walk-for-Wishes with our friends the Thiesset's. Heather was in my MPH cohort and was the receiver of a wish as a child after her bout with a rare kind of cancer. Not pictured is their son, who is truly as cute as the cutest of buttons. Please excuse Jeff's sandals and socks. Not that it's rare to see him in sandals and socks, but he did actually mean to wear shoes and just couldn't find them.

This photo was taken after our would-be six mile walk which turned into four miles because Bridgette told us to turn-around-right-now-and-go-back-so-I-can-be-out-of-this-sun-and-wind-and-play-with-the-puppies-and-balloons-instead. Her version of that conversation was actually truncated but certainly very clear.

Don't be fooled by the sunny skies and t-shirts. It was COLD. We were like tough Norsemen. And also, we didn't bring coats. Here we are eating a nice sack lunch provided by the organizers for everyone who participated.

Bridgette spied a balloon in the distance tacked into the earth and crawled to it without looking back.

See if you can spy her in this Park City park. Park City was one of the main winter Olympic locales a few years ago, and although you can't tell from this photo, the elevation is substantial. In 12 miles of city, the elevation ranges between 6500 and 10,000 ft.

Just how cold could it have been? This is how cold. We woke up to this the next morning.

Our poor Linden Tree. It was under the delusion it was almost June.

Our poor Globe Willow. It was under the delusion it could withstand the depression.

A few minutes later, our Globe Willow succumbed.

I would write more, but apparently today is a short nap day.

We'll be back tomorrow!

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