Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog Spree, Entry #3 - Petting Zoo

Congratulations to Mom on the successful completion of her second procedure today! Huzzah!

Entry 3 takes us back to the beginning of June. June 2nd to be exact. Kids on the Move, the developmental center that employs Bri's various therapists, had a day at the petting zoo for all the kids in their program.

Bridgette started the day by discovering that she weighs somewhere between 8 chickens and 5 newborn sheep.

Then she gave us a preview of her future life as a Harley mama.

This goat was definitely her favorite animal of the day. I have no idea why. There were lots and lots of full-sized goats, pygmy goats, chickens, horses, cows, birds, alpacas, etc. It was this goat or nothing.

The goat did not love her in return. But she tried as hard as she could to follow him wherever he went. You might note the sturdy wire around most pens. It wasn't so much of a petting zoo as an observation / push corn feed through the openings and watch the animals fight over it zoo.

Who doesn't like peacocks?

This photo you've seen before, but who doesn't like happy babies?

This is probably my favorite photo from the trip. We took a horse-drawn wagon ride and sat right up at the front. While we were out Bridgette got to use my camera to take two photos. The first was of horse-butts. The second was looking up at the driver. Quite the perspective.

It was fun to see the kids with whom we attend classes in a different environment. The boy on the left refusing to look at the camera is probably Bridgette's best friend at Kids on the Move. We hope to do playdates once they're both walking. His mom is actually the one in the pink next to him, holding her other child. They made it a family day with aunts and grandma too.

This cow was perhaps my favorite because she was so friendly. The kids couldn't get enough of her proximity and Bridgette got a bit of an education feeding her.

I'll end with this series of photos, wherein Bridgette discovers that cows have large tongues, and eat, just like we do. Well, almost like we do.

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April said...

Such cute pictures! Looks like a wonderful day!