Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Spree, Entry #4 - Around the Neighborhood

Well, Mom was supposed to come home from the hospital today, but it would appear that extremely low blood pressure and swelling due to surgery means she will spend one more day away from home. We wish her a speedy get-better-soon, so she can come home and relax.

For entry #4, I thought I'd share some vignettes around the neighborhood on a typical-ish day. These shots and video are all from early June.

First is the fun of having my husband work nearby. It allows us to go to lunch from time to time, and on this day, we went to one of our favorite digs: Zuppa's. Mmm...

Bridgette likes to play with Jeff's work badge. She will wear it around her neck, like him, and pull the recoiling cord out repeatedly to watch it snap back into place. The next two shots were taken in the parking lot outside of Zuppa's.

On car rides, Bri asks over and over again for her new favorite food, "A-MIN!"

When we pull into our driveway, rarely a car trip goes by that she doesn't point to the neighbor's house and say, "A-BALL!"

They are kind enough to play basketball with her, or hockey, or let her join in on whatever activity is current.

After we went to Zuppa's, we arrived home to find lots of kids next door. She was very excited to go over and play.

And they were sweet to let her "color" with them. Mostly, she colored herself by climbing over and dragging herself through their already completed works of art.

The back of her legs look sunburned, but I promise it's just pink chalk. And for once the seat of her pants were covered in something highly washable.

She was also pleased to make a new friend.

No, TWO new friends.

No, THREE new friends.

And when we came inside, she immediately went to the laptop. Hmm...

The following day, our other neighbors came over to play. Bridgette loves to spend time with all of them, and we go to their house too. On this day they sang songs, played Twister, and gave us a piano concert.

Although this shot was posed, I guarantee Bridgette added another dimension of difficulty to the game. Any little hole between arms and legs meant a perfect baby tunnel for her.

Piano Concerto #98
Musical Performance #17


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on your Mom and for the extra photos and videos of Bridgette. I'm glad Bridgette has so many older friends in the neighborhood that she can have so much fun with and imitate.


Lore said...

Well, I am finally home from the hospital, and while I may shout "Hooray!" I don't think I will be clapping my hands or stomping my feet any time real soon. None-the-less, I am happy, and I know it.

The first thing I did (after taking pain meds, that is) was read the blog entries that I had missed. What fun! Thanks again for the diversion.

Love you.