Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog Spree, Entry #5

It's been a long but good day in our household, and I'm pretty tired, so this will be muy short.

After I went plane flying this morning (yeah, you heard me... more on that another day), I came home to the happy message that Mom left the hospital today and is resting and trying to heal up without too many drugs. Glad to hear it and hoping all goes well for her.

Still revisiting our life several weeks ago, Bridgette did in fact get really sick the second week of June. We thought we might be inviting the home health care nurse back to administer an I.V. However, right about the time things could have headed super-south, Bridgette recovered instead. We were pleased.

Actually, I think I might have blogged about that back when it happened.

At the time, the cute neighbor girls brought her these fantastic Get Well balloons that Bridgette loved and carried with her around the house. I post this picture for two reasons.

First, and most obviously, it showcases the lovely balloons. Second, and not so obvious at all, if you look carefully, you might notice almost all her hair can be pulled back into one ponytail now. Good thing I took a picture. She's never allowed me to do it since.

And what happens when those balloons are removed from the picture? You see what a lucky girl Bri is when she's sick. A little Star Wars is good for the body and soul. Mom, perhaps you'd care to watch Empire Strikes Back during your recovery too?


April said...

What a cute pony tail girl!

HeatherH said...

I've been loving your blog-spree. I'm sure it's been great for your mom!