Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Spree, Entry #7 -- Parade

Every town in our valley has a designated week to celebrate with a festival of some kind. Strawberry Days is Pleasant Grove's big throw-down, and they held events all week -- from rodeos to carnivals to breakfasts to 5K's. We only attended the parade on Saturday morning, June 19th, since the parade route runs perpendicular to our street.

It was a good parade -- lots of participation both in the parade (it lasted about two hours) and by the public along the curbs. This was Bridgette's first parade, and she really wanted to touch the floats. She regularly tried to escape and often commanded "Walk!"

In this picture, we were attempting to outwit some young boys who were very good at stealing candy from babies.

And Bridgette managed to snaggle some salt water taffy, a traditional Utah candy made locally due to the whole huge Salt Lake thing. Just watch that candy disappear... and you will think, like I did, that she actually ate it all.

On to the second piece: a blue tootsie roll.

Where Bridgette sat/stood during the whole parade. Except when she was trying to escape.

This was my favorite "float."

Bridgette liked the fire engine, but she was nervous when it was close-by and loud. Later on there was also an ambulance wailing, and she kept pointing to it and yelling, "Uh-oh! Uh-oh!" over and over again. Later in the week we drove by a really bad accident with an ambulance on hand, and as we passed she said, "OHHHH NOOOOO!"

This was Bridgette's favorite hand-out. She wore it a surprisingly long time, until the elastic broke.

One of the many local entries by athletic youth (there were karate kids, cheer squads, horseback tricksters, dance groups, etc.) I like this one because it shows the mountains in the background. It was a beautiful day and lovely setting for a parade.

After the parade, group shot.

Daddy pushing the stroller home.

This is truly how Bridgette responded when I asked her if she liked the parade.

Oh WAIT a minute!!! THERE'S my candy!!!

"I was savin' it. For later."

And finally... the remains of the salt water taffy.


Lore said...

What a fun day! Sure seems that Bri enjoyed it. Sugar is sweet, and so is she.

Tammy and Alvin said...

Love the song choice on that last video (and the shadow of the camera woman!) What a cutie!