Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Spree, Entry #8 - Bonus Videos

All of a sudden, she sat down and sorted...

All of a sudden, well... you'll see.

And now, here is Bridgette saying both "Night night," and "Bye bye," and we hope you get some sleep tonight, Gram/Mom.


Lore said...

"Night-night, and bye-bye," to you too. I think I'll go try to sleep.

Thanks for the bonus videos! (Yay, Bridgette!)

Tammy and Alvin said...

Woah! Amazing sorting Bri. You are totally ready for something more advanced. Ask your mom to give you a pile of coins and see what you can do with that. Just don't eat them!

Anonymous said...

What great videos and what a big girl!

Comment on Entry #7: To Bridgette: YOU GO GIRL! May you discover many more delicious candies in the future.

Love, Aunt Lynn