Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day Cuteness

Bridgette picked out a very special gift for me for Father's Day.

Here is me opening it:

Here is Bridgette trying to steal it:

Here is Chewy eating it:

Here is Bridgette playing a song without looking at the music:

And here is Bridgette being very adorable:

I had a very good fathers day. I have a great wife and kid and two very good dogs. I am going to eat some pizza now :)


Lore said...

What a sweet girl to pick out such a super sweet Father's Day present for you, Jeff. And what a nice guy you are to so willingly share it with Chewy. Bridgette is mucho adorable; I agree. Super sweet, and super adorable.

April said...

So glad you had a HAPPY day!