Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Young and the Resting

On Sunday morning, Bridgette didn't wake up at her usual hour. Worried, we roused her after 10 a.m. and found her very dehydrated. Her eyes had sunk back in her sockets and the capillaries in the whites of her eyes had burst, making her look something like a miniature Sith Lord.

Darth Squirt.

She was obviously at a critical point. Either she would continue to feel lousy and end up needing an IV before noon . . . or . . . she would feel better and start drinking on her own.

By noon her fever was gone. After some lingering grogginess finally dissipated she ate rather voraciously and began to drink again too. We were most grateful.

On Monday, Jeff and I felt comfortable going out to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Darth Squirt obviously felt fine, although she was still in the process of rehydrating. We have a young lady in the neighborhood who we trust immensely, and it was great to get out and know that Bri was in good hands and that we'd get a call if something went wrong.

On Tuesday (yesterday), she had a perfectly wonderful day riding horses, putting lots of bows in her hair, taking a long nap, and watching Star Wars: A New Hope. The movie was her choice. Although Jeff and I are pleased to witness her continued development generally, we're especially excited to see her trending towards a possible sci-fi penchant.

And today (Wednesday) she is sick again, although this round is not shaping up into much yet. She appears to have contracted a cold. Although her drinking is again at lower-than-normal levels, she is still asking for milk and still asking for peas, so my hope is that she will march right out of this one with the whites of her eyes still white.

We started the morning at the park, but she didn't seem happy about anything: balls, dogs, kids, slides, etc. (She did like the swing.) It wasn't long before she started to sniffle. So we came home and watched, what else? Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. And now she is resting again, hopefully soundly.


Tammy and Alvin said...

Absolutely adorable picture! You guys never need to go to the State Fair - your life seems to be an endless roller coaster. I am so impressed with your ability to spot all of the important signs related to Bri's health. And I'm glad you have the strength and stamina to deal with all the ups and downs and to keep life fun through it all. We love you!

Lore said...

I am sorry to hear that Bri is sick again, but I too hope that she will pull through this one without major complications. It is good that you can read her so well.

And, this is one of the cutest pictures that I have seen of Bri yet! What a darling little girl she is!

April said...

Oh the ups and downs... hope she is doing better! Love the picture! She is so beautiful!

Tiffany W. said...

So scary! I don't know how you do it... well, I know you do it because you have too. But Bri is in good hands. You're strength and knowledge amazes me!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Glad to hear she's doing better and you didn't need to run to the hospital. Hoping you have some less eventful days and she continues drinking and eating. Hang in there.