Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd Birthday Swim-Party

Despite the proximity to water, Bridgette's birthday party theme was butterflies not fish. The theme came from some some butterfly invitations she picked out all by herself.

(Thank goodness. She almost picked the "crazy monkey" invitations.)

Please don't make fun of my cake. My not-at-all-domestic self is sensitive to cake-mocking.

The carrot cake, chocolate cupcakes, and cream cheese frosting were all completely dairy free. Not that it mattered. Bridgette still got sick. I think it was all the sugar.

Bridgette started out the party crying -- cuz it was her party and she wanted to. And also she was highly overwhelmed.

But she perked up when she blew out the candles with a little help from daddy.

Her fan-group watched her eat. Sometimes they sampled her piece of cake too.

Fingers in frosting. More frosting please...

Mmm. . .

Yeah, she'd have eaten with a fork earlier if we'd remembered to give her one.

Another change of lyrics: It's my party, and I'll spit on you and laugh if I want to. Spit if I want to. Laugh if I want to. You would laugh too, if I spit on you. Wouldn't you?

Here is Bridgette's second-newest cousin, Sienna.

And this is Bridgette giggling maniacally while her butterfly pinata gets the stuffing beat out of it.

On to . . . the POOL!

Bri loves to swim, but it always takes her a few minutes to warm up to the idea. Thanks to Karla for taking most of these shots. Unfortunately, my camera had a big finger print on the lens, so many of the photos are blurry. (For explanation, see a future post coming soon to a Hoose-Johnson blog near you.)

Group shot!

Sadly, this isn't everyone. It was too crazy a day to capture everybody. 14 party-attending souls were missing from this photo.

Aunt Kelly & her son Matthew

Uncle Jacob & his daughters Sammie & Lili

Cousins Grace & Tyler

Uncle Paul & Aunt Brenda -- Looking Super Cute

Cousin Ellie (EYEEEE!)

Cousin Sienna's First Time Swimming -- Aunt Heidi & Uncle Jeremy

Cousin Tyler, Bridgette, and "Mamo"

It was a great party!


Mary Liechty said...

It looks like a fun party! I LOVE the cake! What an awesome idea.

Bri is so close to walking. I love it how she says, "help" What a cutie!!


Lore said...

What a great party! Looks like fun was had by all. Thanks for posting this so that those of us unable to be there can participate too, in a small way.