Monday, July 26, 2010

A Blog (uuuUUh blah!)

Bridgette is trying lots of new words, though most of them still come out fairly garbled.

(She has a great deal of difficulty pronouncing consonants, particularly words that require her to place any part of her tongue to the roof of her mouth -- like most of the words in this sentence. Try it slowly. You'll see.)

To make up for her lack of consonants, Bridgette likes to shout out her vowels with verve. It's noisy, but we're simply excited she's making more of an effort to speak!

I am amused that she now prefixes most of her words by the sound "uh" -- as in "a mint." Only the "a" is both elongated and enunciated, "uuuuuUUUh mihh!"

At some point, I'm sure she'll realize that "a," "an," and "the" are helpful articles and not part of the word itself.

In the meantime, we have conversations like this:

"Bridgette, would you like a chicken nugget?"

"uuuUUh nUhhieeeeee!" (That's my favorite - "Nuggie" - cute!)

"Bridgette, look! There's Ming-Ming!"

"uuuUUh Meeeh-Meeeh!"

"Bridgette, here comes Daddy!"

"uuuUUh DAHEEE!"

Unlike Daddy, I am not honored with a prefix, but Bridgette still calls me "Mamo," and that's pretty darn adorable.

I'm equally amused that she's starting to make up her own sign language too. This isn't surprising because she understands virtually EVERYTHING we say to her. With good comprehension, it must be frustrating for her not to be able to communicate with her tongue.

We should probably get back to teaching her actual ASL, as it seems easier for her to use her fingers than to speak with her mouth. Just today she told me she needed to wash her hands by holding them up and sort of wringing them in front of her face. It took me a moment to understand, but it was really very proactive of her.

And now, here are some of my favorite photos from this week:

Airplane (uuuUUh Air!)

Yo, what you lookin' at, fool!?

Tricked you! I'm just a little kid!

Aaaaand, I'm a thief. An irresistible, cheeky thief.

"Cheeeeeeese!" And Cheerios.

And the last three are plain and simply her.
In a tree.

In a dress.

Considering an internship as a smelter.


April said...

Could she be any cuter!

Angela said...

she is growing up, looking more like a little girl and not a baby. She's too cute!

Lore said...

Gotta love those sparkling, happy, blue eyes!