Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bridgette Is 2 Years Old Today!!!

About Bridgette --
  • Her favorite TV show is "WonderPets"
  • She has a team of 4 specialty doctors, 4 therapists, 2 case workers, 2 parents, and 1 home health care nurse
  • Her favorite stuffed animal is a yellow Lorax
  • She loves fresh peas, warm raspberries, canned green beans, and dairy (cheese, ice-cream, yogurt)
  • She can't have dairy (cheese, ice-cream, yogurt)
  • Pickles make her vomit, literally
  • Currently, her favorite words are juice (Pedialyte), air (airplane), mo (moon) and mice (mess)
  • She is on 2 medications perpetually, 4 commonly
  • She enjoys swimming but doesn't like to bathe
  • She loves to cover herself in dirt and sand
  • She doesn't walk yet, but one day she'll be a track star
  • She knows almost all her body parts
  • She LOVES other children
  • She's learning to tolerate adults
  • She likes nature in general and animals in particular
  • She gives our dogs kisses
  • They kiss her back
  • Bubbles are her friends, and she now says, "Pop!"
  • This will be her first birthday without a major surgery -- hallelujah!
  • She hasn't had a hospital visit since the end of March
  • She likes to go to bed with a book in hand
  • She's about even on tantrums versus giggles
  • She still won't let me brush her hair
  • Her newest talent is personal diaper removal
  • Bridgette is adorable, and we love her so, so much
  • We are incredibly grateful to have her in our lives

Leave her a birthday comment! Share a memory or message, and she can read it when she's older.


Joy said...

Happy Birthday Bridgette! Wow 2 yrs. You are growing up sooooo fast. What a beautiful butterfly you have become.:-)

Tammy and Alvin said...

Hey Bri,

We hope you have a very fun birthday! Give your mom and dad a hug because they are amazing! We love to read about you on your blog and can't wait to meet you in person someday. You make us smile and are an inspiration to all!

Davina said...

Hi Bridgette

You are so cute and I just love you so much. I like when you say ninibobo, it's adorable. I'm so glad you're my niece! Have a super duper birthday.


Lore said...

Happy birthday, Bridgette!

I am a little sad that time and distance prevent us from being able to be with you on this birthday, but I am very glad that there are no surgeries or anything else that make it necessary for us to be there this year.

I hope you have the best birthday you've ever had. Enjoy opening your presents and eating special birthday treats and playing with lots of people!

You are a true treasure to us. Always remember that we love you very, very much.


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Bridgette! I can't believe how big you are now. Isabella says Happy Birthday to you!

April said...

HAPPY HAPPY birthday beautiful Bridgette! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bridgette! You're a precious little girl and you bring joy to a lot of people. I love you very much!

Aunt Lynn

theJerm said...

There's an animal in trouble... There's an animal in trouble...

Jeff Johnson said...

Hi Bridgette! This is your daddy. I love you. You are very special and I know you'll have a super life!

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday Babs! I love what a strong lady you are already. You're my kind of gal.

Kel, Sophie hasn't let me brush her hair since the was 2. I find it's made my mornings easier ;)

HeatherH said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bridgette!