Thursday, July 1, 2010

What are we up to

Kelly suggested I give an update on what our family is doing in our lives, so I am going to do that right now!

Bridgette is busy staying up late and watching Wonder Pets. It is a very cute cartoon and she loves to watch it whenever she can. She has a little tummy ache so she's up late with mommy and daddy.

Kelly is busy writing her young adult science fiction novel. She hopes to have it completed by October. Kelly is also busy taking flying lessons, fencing and being a very good mommy.

I'm busy writing this blog entry, making iPhone games, doing a tech site and trying to be a good daddy.

Before I sign off, here are more pictures for your enjoyment:

Commander La Forge prepares to cause the Blue Screen of Death

Bridgette riding her horse and using the reigns

And finally, Bridgette spies an ant


Lore said...

I hope Commander La Forge (aka Bri) didn't really cause a Blue Screen of Death. THAT would be horrible!

I also note that Bri is now wearing a riding helmet. When did that change take place?

Congratulations to all of you on your recent successes and accomplishments: Kelly on the writing, flying, and fencing; Jeff on the iPhone apps and website; and Bri on spying the ant! Hooray!!!

Kel said...

That's a photo of Bridgette spying MANY ants. We had to move her when they decided to crawl over her legs and up into her shorts.

Bridgette started wearing a helmet a few weeks ago. She was never opposed to the idea of a helmet, just the memory of being injured by one. I love that she holds her reins now. When she plays with her toy horse at home, she has the little rider hold the reins in the exact right spots. Cute.

Unknown said...

She has a horse -- really? Lucky girl. Don't tell Joy :)