Monday, September 27, 2010

All Creatures, Part II

Part II: Hogle Zoo
Sub-titled: The Un-Scared Toddler
Sub-sub-titled: I Hope You Like Pictures

Bri & I made our first ever expedition to Hogle Zoo this month, traveling with Aunt Heidi and her girls Ellie & Sienna. Heidi captured these super cute shots while I was off buying tickets.

The photos are placed in the same order they were taken, so take a walk with us on our journey around the zoo.

The famous carousel, beloved by children everywhere.

Ellie had ridden the carousel before with Uncle Paul & Aunt Brenda who brought her along with them earlier in the summer for a company party. As a result, she was under the impression she could ride it as long as she wanted. She was VERY disappointed when we had to get off after only one ticket's worth.

I don't blame her. The girls loved it.

Bridgette has ridden horses weekly since April, so riding a carousel was easy-peasy. I didn't worry about walking off to take photos; I knew she wouldn't fall. Even while the carousel was moving, she sometimes let go with both hands...

The tiger enclosure was incredible. I have never seen such active tigers... or any other animal at a zoo for that matter, except for maybe the otters in Portland.

Besides the water-tiger featured here, two other tigers were romping and rolling and wrestling on the embankment above the pool.

The first five tiger photos give you perspective on the nearness of this encounter. And if the carousel wasn't enough, they also rather prove my un-scared toddler.

Bridgette says, "Mom! Look! A kitty! Can I eat another snack, please?"

Tiger says, "Why yes, that's right, I'm merely a kitten. Oh look! A snack! May I eat your child, please?"

Sorry I didn't take the time to edit this video. It sure was fun watching the kiddies/kitties.

The giraffe exhibit was truly exciting because one of the giraffes pooped right in front of us. Since poop is such a big part of our lives, Bri is fascinated by it. In case you're curious, giraffe poop looks like deer niblets. Bridgette couldn't stop talking about it. She still mentions it whenever she sees a picture of a giraffe.


Jeff and Jeremy are 6' 4", and after looking at the scale by the doors, Heidi and I were giggling about how short they are. However, the picture of the tongue is just about right... an excellent comparison to our husbands who have giant mouths (photo to come in a future "All Creatures" post).

As long as we're talking "all" creatures... here's another one. She's my favorite and is walking better every day. She can now stoop and stand up in one fluid motion. She still requires help on stairs, but she's almost running. She has a really nice "fast walk" that will turn into a run any day now.

Just orangutanging around.

Ellie was reticent around this giant gorilla statue. Bridgette? Not so much. "Hey there, Mister. Watcha' doin'?"

We finally got Ellie to come near once I was sitting in the gorilla's lap and Bridgette was on one knee. I love how this photo turned out.

Just for fun... we rode the train. Bridgette was in heaven.

Until we went through a tunnel. Sorry for searing everyone's eyes with a flash in the dark, but I wanted to check what Bridgette thought of the experience. The photo is self-explanatory.

Hmm... how un-scared could one toddler possibly be?

No really... I'm sure she's scared of something.

Her favorite part of the playground was this egg. Vocal reverberation... plenty of surfaces to drum... a noise like timpani.

Our adventure ended while feeding swans. Ellie reached out (further, further) and hadn't quite dropped her bird feed before the swan reached up and... well... you know. Owie.


Ryan said...

Great pictures. I get excited at Hogle Zoo if I even get to spot the tiger in its camoflage. You got a show.

Heidi said...

Just FYI, the gorilla statue was hot the last time Ellie was there and it "burned" her. That being said, she is more cautious of big things now than she used to be, and I'm sure the "hot monkey" didn't help. :P

I am so in love with that playful tiger! It doesn't help that he reminds me a lot of our cats. :)

Kel said...

@Heidi: I think that's why Bridgette was so nervous around slides for such a long time... the first one she touched burned her.

I'm guessing Ellie is also old enough to be more aware of her environment and the dangers therein.

Btw: I have mixed feelings about Bridgette's ease with large animals. I mean, walking up to a 200 lb spider or 400 lb gorilla or resting one's hand on the snout of an alligator? Not in the real world, please.

Paul said...

Ellie didn't touch the gorilla - I told her it was hot. I touched it first to be sure and it was searing hot. Of course it was 100 degrees that day and it was still in the sun.

The tiger video is cool!!

Looks like everyone had a great time!


April said...

What a fun day! The zoo is a magical place- especially with little ones- hooray!

Jacqueline Miller said...

Soooo cute!!