Monday, September 13, 2010

Memory Lane

The time has come. The time is now.
It's time to organize; please figure out how.

So I finally bit the proverbial bullet and decided to organize Bridgette's room. To most of you normal people that's a nice way of saying I cleaned something.


As would be if I had actually bitten a bullet, it was jarring.


I dug through cabinets, boxes, baskets, drawers and shelves, and managed to procure this small pile of Bridgette's medical supplies.


And you wondered why her room seemed so cluttered.

This pile doesn't include "typical" stuff like diapers (which we buy in bulk), wipes (which we buy in bulk), diaper ointments/powders, current medications, hospital chucks (which we buy in bulk), blankets, burp cloths, toys, scads of clothes, baby scale, books, etc.

This is the "other" pile of supplies.

I had to decide what to donate, what to pitch, and what to keep and box up for long-term storage.

We kept most of it.

If we decide to have another child, the chances of him/her having Hirschsprung Disease are quite high: 1 in 4 for a boy & 1 in 5 for a girl. Seems silly to waste resources we already own.

It took me hours to sort through everything, making piles around the living room of scissors & clamps, steri-strips & gauze, gloves & masks, ostomy supplies, specialty creams & wound cleaners, hot presses & cold presses, 5 kinds of medical tape, instruction books, Ilex paste & wafer paste, thermometers & stethoscopes, catheters & syringes & medicine dispensers.

There was a special pile for IV tubing, infant needles, a gemstar pump, Heparin and saline flushes, and the PICC-line emergency bag I was supposed to use if Bridgette started bleeding out from her heart.

The particular memories this project dredged up were not all that pleasant, but it's ok. I've toughened up over the last two years. There were no tears, until...

...forget biting bullets. I got shot.

I found this wedged between a clear IV bandage and a cavilon barrier wipe.

It's one of the little bows the hospital kept gluing onto Bridgette's newborn head.

She's been through so much, so young.


Kel said...

p.s. -- Bridgette's room is very organized now! Mostly empty and blissfully clean!

JulieAnn said...

My parents still have my little brother's portacath (he had a childhood cancer). The Drs put a red ribbon on it and they hang it on the Christmas tree every year to remember their blessings.

Lore said...

It brought tears to my eyes too, remembering. Oh, aren't we glad that life is a bit easier for all of you now.

Congratulations on the room cleaning!

Angela said...

Awe, I am crying. She has been through so much and so have you and Jeff. So glad you are able to clean that stuff out now!

Lisa Merkley said...

{{sniff, sniff}}

What a wonderful, beautiful blessing you guys have in Bridgette!