Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Vignettes


When I was a little girl, my Mom would sometimes "eat my face" before bedtime. Along with lullabyes, it was possibly my favorite part of getting tucked in. (Oh let's face it. I still love it. And I still love to be sung to.)

Essentially, she would stroke a small part of my face, gently, as though she could rub it off into her fingers. Then she would pretend to eat it.

"I'm gonna eat your ear!" Stroke. Stroke. "Mmm... tasty."

It's both relaxing and entertaining.

While in South Carolina, I saw one of my older distant relatives pretend to eat the face of my adorable little nephew, James. It reminded me that eating baby faces must be a family legacy and that I should not overlook it with Bridgette.

In the past, Bridgette hasn't allowed me to touch her. She's not a cuddler. No tenderly rubbing her back. In therapy, when all the other mothers were massaging their child's legs or arms, it was a lucky day if I could fake it by offering her hand-lotion first. And even then, I was only allowed to touch her hands. And we all know she won't let me brush her hair.

But a few nights ago I tried eating her face, and she got the biggest kick out of it!

The next night, with each of my bites she would also reach up, stroke her own nose (or chin or cheek or whatever), and then pretend to eat it, with a (I kid you not), "Nom. Nom. Nom."

The NEXT night, after I ate her face, she ate mine.

Then last night when I put her in her crib and as I left the room, I saw her gently stroking her teddy bear's face before taking pretend nibbles from her fingers.



I've been told that when my older brother was two-years-old, he took a black crayon and wrote O-I-L wherever he could, on the walls, etc. I wasn't born, but I have no reason to doubt the anecdote.


Not only are they some of the easiest letters for little hands to manipulate, but he spelled a word. Not only did he spell a word, he spelled a special word -- the reason we grew up where we did. We are children of the oil industry, my father being an exploration geologist.

Bridgette is now two-and-one-quarter-years-old. She recognizes each letter of the English alphabet and has started drawing them as she is able. Her favorite letters are currently I, C, & S. She is left-handed, and I guess those strokes are the easiest for her.

So today I was amused to find her drawing ICS, ICS, ICS, all over the driveway in chalk.


Well, ICS is an emergency management term and is the acronym for a crucial industry standard.

ICS = Incident Command System

In fact, the very first FEMA on-line course that all first responders, emergency planners, hospital staff, etc., around the entire country are supposed to study is "IS-100.a: Introduction to the Incident Command System." It's the most basic training for the field, and I require my students to complete it by the second week of class.

OIL for my brother because of his father.

ICS for my daughter because of her mother.

It's not on purpose, but she's channeling something special.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

How awesome. Eating faces is definitely cute and I love that she's doing that with her stuffed animals. Too precious.

Writing those letters. Wow, now that's amazing. How cool!

April said...

How neat to see her writing!-- (and I'm glad she's letting you eat her face :)

Lore said...

How wonderful to come home and find this great blog post.