Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking in a Halloween Wonderland

Utah has a special tradition. The Weather-Makers get together and decree the first annual snowfall arrive sometime around Halloween.

We prepared earlier this week by playing in an almost freezing rain...

... and then by romping at a park, moments before the snow flurries came down. The wind made our expedition quite uncomfortable, but Bridgette and the dogs still managed to have some fun.

Since we had a Halloween function this evening, it seemed only appropriate to wake up to snow!

The view from our deck:

Note the pumpkin on our doorstep and the late October apples still in our tree:

The view across the street (gorgeous of the mountain once the clouds fully cleared):

But the best part was playing Halloween dress-up! Bridgette went as a girl who was too young to remember she didn't like snow last year.

By afternoon the snow in the valley had all melted, so Bridgette changed costumes and went to the evening's festivities dressed as the Supergirl we know and love.


Heidi said...

That IS a cute Supergirl outfit. :)

Lore said...

I think that girl needs a pair of mittens or gloves as part of that "loving the snow" costume.

Did you all dress up as a super family this year? I note Jeff's Superman T-shirt. You ARE the Incredibles!

Angela said...

she is adorable! Charles would love playing with her. he loves super heros! :-)
I can't believe it is snowing already! We have the humidity back and it's 90 degrees again. We had a few weeks of fall like weather which was highs in the 80's and no humidity.

Smith Family said...

Are you for real? Snow!?! Crazy! Arizona is still so hot that we got sunburned at the pumpkin patch!

April said...

Oh I am not quite ready for COLD yet! What a cute little Super girl!!

Lore said...

Say, how about using the ninth photo in this post, cropped to an 8x10, as your Festival of Trees entry? I like it almost as much as the one of her standing in the fall grass, and it can certainly crop easily, and the snow might be a better background for the Festival photo.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

crazy that it snowed. Wow.At least ya'll made the best of it. I LOVE Bri's costume. Sooooo cute!