Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoons

More of the same this morning. Still distended, still no output. She is eating some strawberry slush and enjoying it very much. We're hoping we can wait this out and her bowels will just "wake up" over time.

Rectal irrigation last night did nothing. In fact it may have irritated things more. After 180 cc's saline in, we got absolutely no pull-back. However, it may help her stay hydrated. It's so backwards to be hydrating her bottom to top instead of top to bottom.

So, when Bridgette is sick we let her watch an excessive amount of television. Cartoons aren't just for Saturday morning anymore! Since her favorite is Wonder Pets, we've been watching it almost non-stop this week. Anyone have some good kids videos we can borrow to break up the monotony?

"Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way! To help a baby animal and save the day!"


JulieAnn said...

Cora loves wonderpets. I also recommend Super Why, Little Einsteins, Curious Buddies, and Backyardigans.

Smith Family said...

Sophie is into Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We also just discovered Strawberry Shortcake. Sorry little B's so sicky.

Rob said...

"We're not too big and we're not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff!"

Hope she's feeling better soon!