Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sick with No Photos

Hello. Bridgette is pretty sick right now. Looking back, we think we can track symptoms all the way to last Friday, but she didn't really exhibit anything serious until Sunday.

By Monday night we felt it necessary to take her to Primary Children's for testing and IV rehydration. They put her on some anti-nausea meds, but they either don't work or don't work consistently.

The Emergency Department doctor suggested she may have viral enteritis. That would have many similarities to her enteritis episodes of the past (bowel shut-down including non-absorption and distention/pain from an internal build-up of gas and stool) only the cause would be viral, not bacterial.

She perked up a bit yesterday. She vomited, only once, though her diarrhea increased in volume and liquidity. Still, whe slept well. She laughed sometimes and moved about on her own.

Last night she got worse. She woke multiple times crying out loudly. She's been holding her belly a lot and saying, "Ow! Ow! Ow!" but besides that, she's turned quite lethargic and despondent. She hasn't had more than a little juice and a few animal crackers over the last 5 days, so I'm sure her energy is flagging on several levels.

I've made a lot of phone calls today -- to Primary's, to our pediatrician, to home health care -- trying to figure out the best course of action. Because we're still waiting for test results from PCMC, we don't see any reason to take her anywhere since she'd only be less comfortable.

When I called PCMC, I found out that the only test result they have currently did come back negative for C. diff. (Clostridium difficile) which is fantastic news. She is on a regimen of Flagyl twice daily to control for C. diff. colonization, and certainly we were happy to hear that it is working. The wide spectrum stool test results (which test is for so many things that two separate nurses could only tell me, "I can't remember them all," when I asked for specifics) should come in this afternoon, maybe tomorrow morning.

We are in the readmit process with home health care and hope to be able to administer additional IV fluids here at the house by later this afternoon. That will only happen if we're lucky. The process requires physician sign-off, medical deliveries from the pharmacy in Salt Lake, and scheduling with a nurse to meet with us and administer the IV. If that doesn't happen fast enough, we will work through our pediatrician to arrange an IV at one of the hospitals in our county.

To boot (or not to boot? that IS the question), my computer died this morning. Keeled over, blah. Jeff initially thought both my drives were toast, but using his computer-wizard magic, he thinks he's figured (or perhaps "configured") a way to retrieve my data. We're normally excellent at doing back-ups, but I hadn't done one since we moved to the new house (for what I hope seem like obvious reasons.) So, I may have lost a few photos and documents.

I'm writing this entry on Jeff's computer. He's taking the day off to help care for Bri and my computer and maybe me eventually. I'm running a little ragged.

We don't know what Bridgette's health means for our plans over the next few weeks. We, as always, hope for the best. And we're still counting our blessings. This post is meant mostly for informational purposes since I know if you're reading this you care deeply for Bridgette and want to be in the loop. We're glad to have so many places to turn for help, medically and otherwise.

If you're local and have a little time to help, give me a call. As of today, there are some tangible items on my list... :)

As always, we're grateful for any prayers you feel like sending up to heaven on Bridgette's behalf. If you're not the praying type, we're all about positive vibes, so send those by way of wind or carrier pidgeon or internet, whatever makes you the most comfortable.

And as random as this may sound to some of you, if you could include my cousin Kathryn and her family in those prayers/thoughts too, I'd really appreciate it.


JulieAnn said...

I'm sorry Kelly :(

HeatherH said...

I surely hope she feels better soon. Love you all!

Lore said...

As always, we're praying for all of you.

Love you lots.

Jacqueline Miller said...

We're sending lots of positive vibes, thoughts, wishes and love from Wisconsin. I hope the home health stuff moves quickly and efficently - and that the test results help Bri get the meds/treatment she needs to feel better. Hang in there.

Angela said...

Oh, we love Bridgette and you and jeff very much. I hope she feels better soon. We are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the news. Wish I was there to help you out.

Love, Lynn