Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Refresher

This weekend has been slightly refreshing to Jeff and me because we were able to take shifts with Bridgette. Yesterday I did some errands with my good friend Ann-Marie, and today I was able to go to an hour of church. Yesterday Jeff was able to set up his computer desk, and tonight he will attend a family dinner. We both took turns taking naps today.

Bridgette's update:

Once again, Bridgette's tummy grew in distention yesterday until she vomited last night, relieving a bit of the pressure. The last few days have executed like clockwork. Distention, pain, eating a few bites, drinking a lot, puke, then the inevitable late night discussion between Jeff and me.

. . . Are we doing the right thing? Should we take her to PCMC? What are the pros and cons? . . .

And then we put her to bed here at home.

This morning, she woke up with a wet diaper and has had two more during the day today. There is little in this world as appealing to us as parents. The only thing that could top it would be lots of poop, preferably a blowout.

With the return of partial absorption, we hope motility is next. Jeff thinks she looks less distended today. I am uncertain.

We obviously want to avoid an internal rupture (one of various factors on our list of hospital pros & cons -- if she ruptures, it would be better to be in hospital where emergency surgery could ensue), but whether or not less distended, I have noticed she is not holding her belly and saying, "Mama! Ow!" as often today.

Although, as I write this, I hear Jeff playing with her in the living room. She's saying, "Ow!" and he's asking, "Do you need to throw-up? Do you need the bucket?"

And now here she is on my lap watching the videos of herself that I'm about to post from Halloween. Let's do hope the vomit doesn't happen now...

So that's it! That's about all we "know" -- though I have learned from my interaction with Hirschsprung moms on Facebook that there seems to be a surge of HD kids all over the world experiencing similar problems. Very strange. Many of them are in hospital.

We do want to thank a number of people for their kindnesses -- our leaves were raked by some boys who live down the street, we have received children's videos and games from our neighbors (a welcome relief from Wonder Pets), help moving Jeff's desk from friends, two delicious dinners from the wonderful Krueger-Bott family (the chicken soup broth has been one of Bridgette's favorites), and a lot of comments, calls, thoughts, and prayers on Bridgette's behalf from friends and family.

My friend, Ann-Marie, has been especially kind -- helping me with Festival of Trees ornaments, keeping me company, folding laundry, letting me call in the middle of the night -- you name it!

Thanks to you all!

**Begin, second part:

We sorta, kinda missed posting about Halloween. I think it might have been because we were moving that day, followed shortly by... well, you know, intestine trouble and a plethora of other things.

So here are our photos and videos from Halloween. Once again I haven't had time to edit the videos, so they are posted in their entirety. They are meant to bring comfort and viewing pleasure for Gramma H and Grandma J -- and anyone else with enough patience.

You've seen this one before, but it's so cute, it deserves an encore.

These three are from Kids on the Move. Technically, this was Bridgette's first experience Trick-or-Treating. She was perfectly happy with her pretzels instead of candy.

The next set are from later that afternoon, Bridgette's second time Trick-Or-Treating. Jeff's company hosts an annual family Halloween party. Each department has candy and some go all out and create spook-allies or department themes or photo booths or whatever.

This year was especially exciting because as soon as we arrived the fire alarms began to blare and the entire building was evacuated.

We figured some little kid pulled the alarm, but we found out later that it was from the fog machine on Jeff's floor. Some of the guys had created an old mine shaft. And just for the record, both the fire engine and the delay were worth it. The shaft was COOL!

Also, the fire engine was COOL! (Though I bet the responders were annoyed.)

Since Jeff and his twin both work at Ancestry, our kids get to hang out. Here are Bridgette and Ellie being entertained by the alarms and sirens.

(Sorry about the lens... I guess Bridgette's little fingers struck again.)

A two and three year old can only be fascinated by a fire engine for so long, at which point more entertaining things come into play.

Here is Heidi with her baby Sienna.

And here we are! SUPER-GIRLS!

And you thought I was done. Sheesh.

Here are the videos:

Kinder-Music Class

This class is highly structured, switching activities every five minutes. Often the children are required to do something specific, but occassionally the instructor pulls out instruments and encourages self-designed play. I thought you grandparents and aunts might like to witness it.

The title "Sustained Screaming" pretty much covers it.

I see a FIRE ENGINE!!!


Lore said...

Well, this post brought a smile to my face - both the seeming improvement news and the fun Halloween photos and videos. I hope the improvement continues apace. Wish we could be there to give more help than thoughts and prayers, but know that our thoughts and prayers are always with you even if we aren't.

Love you.

Jacqueline Miller said...

I also noticed all the HD kids who are sick right now -- so strange. I'm glad for Bri's wet diapers and hope the progress continues. It's great to hear you have so much support and love nearby. Hang in there!!

Heidi said...

Lots of cuteness going on in this post! :) ... I'm grateful Bridgette seems to be improving! I hope it becomes a reality soon.

Ann-Marie said...

I love these pictures!!! And you're right, the one with Jeff and Bridgette definitely deserves an encore! So fun!

And just for the record, I'm pretty sure I enjoyed running around doing errands with you even more than you did! :)