Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello good people of earth --

We went on vacation! To San Diego! And it was great! And sometimes stressful! And then great again! It was so prodigious these sentences all end with exclamation points!

I don't have time to tell you much about it right now; I'll do that in installments.

In the meantime, here is video of my second-favorite part of our vacation (my first favorite being sea-kayaking because I am, in my heart, an actual dolphin and belong in the ocean).

Until then, so long! And thanks for all the fish!


Heidi said...

Those dolphins seemed to recognize their fellow dolphin-from-a-different-somethin'. :)

Lore said...

I look forward to reading all the installments! Yes, "mama's happy!"

Aria said...

Glad you got to go on vacation! Love the Hitchhiker's quote!